1998 Land Rover Discovery 50th Anniversary Edition 4.0L V8


The ultimate 4x4 cruiser


Let's start off by saying that I bought this car as a flood car for $700. That being said, very little has gone wrong with the car.

The driver's side window did not go up or down, since it was off of the track when I bought it. And the passenger rear window works sometimes.

I have also replaced a water pump (a simple 30 minute, $50 repair) and a brake master cylinder ($40 and 20 minutes).

I have also popped a tire and broke a headlight, but those are off roading injuries, not really things that have gone wrong.

General Comments:

I had planned on using it as a winter beater, then scrapping it. But she just won't die! She had been through 2 hurricanes; the previous owner bought it as a flood car after hurricane Irene, and used it for the winter, and in the summer to tow boats to the beach. Then it was washed away in Hurricane Sandy, so he put it up for sale. I picked it up for $700 and could not be happier. I have had it now for 2 years and 22,000 miles, and can't believe things like the air conditioning and heated seats still work.

The truck is an off road monster; the wheel articulation and centre locking diff works magic. It goes over stuff that my buddy's jeep wouldn't dare try. And when he does, I use my fancy winch to pull him over ha ha.

The 4 sunroofs are great for letting light in, and the seating position is perfect. I was a little wary about buying a beat on Rover; I heard that they could have issues, but I think this truck made me a Rover man for life. Plus, it just looks SO cool.

The gas mileage is to be expected from a big box with a V8, and my roof rack with all the fixings doesn't really add to the hypermile experience. But the ride is very comfortable, as long as you don't take turns going too quickly.

Despite the abuse this little Rover that could has seen, I wouldn't hesitate taking her across country.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2014

1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE / 50th Edition 4.0 gas


Discovery 98, I am a new fan, gas? Well it's 8 cyl


Since purchased, the 8th lifter was making a knocking noise. I had it diagnosed, and it was a quote of 1800 to replace all lifters, under the warning it would be more if anything else failed or needed replacement (which at an auto shop it always is). They also said it could keep running for a long time or just a few more miles. I risked it and keep on driving it. I figure if it lasts a year, it would be worth it.

After 5000 miles driven, the water pump gave out. I replaced it myself, so about 90 dollars invested, including belt replaced.

Then finally the head gasket gave out; I blame it on the additives that are supposed to help seal any leaks; before I added them, it was fine.

I found a street mechanic with Land Rover experience. Got the parts online, and he did the gaskets and the lifters for $600.00 plus parts ($400). So $1000.00 for all; not bad. I also did the trans service, since no shop will touch it with that many miles. Same mechanic, $130.00, filter included.

General Comments:

Recently passed emissions in WA, no problems.

I have the rebuild kit for the transmission, all ready for when it happens. I know it will be sooner than later, and being prepared makes it easier on the wallet. I also bought the alternator.

With time to shop online, you get great deals; rebuild deluxe kit (all you need included) $200.00, and an alternator refurbished for $75.00. Shop around and see the real prices; $700 plus for both.

I am happy with it. Always wanted one; it still looks good and I intend to make it look better; mud tires and rims are next. Regular maintenance at least. Better yet, do it slightly more often, and after mud use, clean it. They can't clean themselves. Read a lot about your car, and the more you know preventive stuff, the more it will serve you.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2013