1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE 4.0


For those who need an off road performer!


Have had a few strange electronic problems, lights cutting out and then working again as well as some problems with the power seats working and then suddenly not working.

General Comments:

If off- road performance in a luxury suv is your call, this is your vehicle! I never feel out of place off road or in the mountains. The traction system is amazing! Semi- comfortable on road, extremely comfortable off road!

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

1998 Land Rover Discovery Series 1 V8


I hope you have a second car to go to work in!


The brake switch malfunctioned, so the transmission would not shift out of park. Had to have the vehicle towed for a 3 dollar part.

Rear sunroof would like onto back seat.

Steering box started leaking and had to be replaced.

The intake manifold developed coolant leak.

The engine was leaking oil from the oil pan and the rear main seal, with less than 30K miles!

Windshield washer fluid would leak out and would not reach rear window.

Transmission shifter cable rusted out, had to be replaced.

Coolant hoses started leaking.

Clock display stopped working.

Currently the vehicle is taking an excessive amount of time to warm-up, I suspect the thermostat is out.

General Comments:

The Discovery is a great head turner. Unfortunately it is always in the shop. I cannot believe this vehicle keeps breaking down for the year and mileage that it has. I could not imagine anyone taking a vehicle like this out four wheeling!

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE 4.0 Gasoline


The best vehicle I've ever owned


The brakes have been noisy ever since I have owned this vehicle. This noise has continued even after replacement of all brake pads. The noise, though slightly annoying at times, has no effect whatsoever on braking performance.

More attention should be given to the exterior lights due to fact that several housings filled with water and needed replacement.

General Comments:

This truck has proven itself to perform as a true four wheel drive should.

Off road this vehicle can tackle anything that nature can throw in its way. On road, on the other hand, don't expect the handling and comfort you would expect of a European sports sedan.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2001

28th Jun 2008, 23:10

I have the 98' Disco LSE. I agree about the brake noise. Sounds like a pad bouncing about at times. As for the handling ON road. I find mine to be actually quite comfortable. I can travel long distances and find a very good position with the six way adjustable seating. The steering feels solid and grip of the pavement true. The Michellin tires on these are bullet proof. One thing to be aware of on these models. The roof line rides low in front blocking traffic lights from being seen at times.