1998 Land Rover Discovery LSE 4.0


The truck that will get you divorced


Radiator gone at 100K, head gasket gone at 106K, wheel sensor, coil packs, fan clutch, oil pump at 86K and at 130K, belt tensioner, battery, brakes, windshield leak (can't seal it without removal and replacement of windshield), lock actuators (driver's side, then left passenger side), rust through wheel wells, alternator, power steering pump (leaked like it was shot), brake lights, ignition lock.

General Comments:

This car is like the hot supermodel you know is going to mess you up in the end. You fall in love with it, people tell you it looks and rides good, and your head blows up. Then the pain starts.

When the truck worked, it was like no other vehicle out there. Cut through snow like a hot knife through butter. But you better be using snow tires, because the Michelin 4x4 XPCs that came standard on those trucks are 3 season tires. In snow, those tires are like ice skates.

In five years, there was only a period of about 5 months where there was no problems. The truck was constantly in the shop. I found a local Land Rover specialist who did the work at a fraction of what the dealer would have charged. Also saved money buying used parts off eBay and Internet sources, then having my mechanic put them in. But I still spent thousands of dollars, almost as much as the purchase price of the car. It seems as though the LR philosophy was to replace every part in the car, and then the car would be solid. But after the oil pump failed for a second time, I knew it was time to call it a career.

My wife still doesn't fully know how much was spent in repairs, and I'm not sure I do either. I do have a large envelope full of receipts. It came down to a choice between an unreliable truck, or a marriage. My wife is a good cook, so...

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Review Date: 24th November, 2010

11th Jan 2011, 23:14

A vehicle that can get you divorced, what will they come up with next?

19th May 2011, 09:02

I have a 98 Land Rover and I hate it.

I am a single mother of two kids and so I wanted something a little sturdy. It is a great vehicle if you are rich and don't care about cost. I have had to replace the radiator twice, the thing leaks oil like no other, and the sunroofs leak. No one ever carries the parts that I need so it costs so much for them to order it and put it in. I agree with you on the divorce thing (if I was married, it would cause a divorce). The Land Rover is not worth it to me.

I would not recommend it to anyone.

5th Oct 2013, 21:46

Fantastic review!

Good sense of humor and articulate.

Be glad the oil pump failures on your (realistically) Buick V8 didn't take out the bottom end (rod and main bearings).

29th Oct 2014, 23:13

Buy a Toyota Land Cruiser. The price is higher, but you have no worries. The level of comfort is almost to my Range Rover. My Land Cruiser is never in the shop except for the basics. Best choice I made.

1998 Land Rover Discovery


The worst machine to own on earth!


Head gasket, power seat, power window, various fuses for lights, sun roof, radio.

General Comments:

The worst machine I have ever owned, mostly because the manufacturer has made it so one cannot service it without a specialist. Just try looking in the owners manual where the fuse might be for the power seat... it's NOT listed! It's the same one as the cig lighter BTW. Laugh when you look at the instructions on changing a taillight bulb; it's a one line instruction, neglecting to tell you to practically disassemble the entire rear compartment to get at the bulb; no wonder the dealer charges a grand to replace a brake light bulb!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010

29th May 2010, 13:30

Hmm, no offence, but perhaps you should have looked on here before buying yours. Unfortunately a lot of modern cars are quite stupidly designed when it comes to maintenance.. like those Renaults on which you have to remove the front bumper to change a headlight bulb.

8th Nov 2010, 09:33

I have a hard time believing that any dealership would charge a 1000.00 to change a brake light bulb. I am not sure why you would write a review, but allow someone to rip you off like that. To me, that right there makes no sense.