6th Apr 2009, 01:34

Yes, the stigma. I own a 2003 Disco and will be buying a 99 Disco 1 to add the the fleet tomorrow. I have not had any problems with our 2003.

My buddy has a 91 Range Rover with 288k and NO PROBLEMS. He has a 92 Range Rover LWB and a 98 D1 also.

I've owned a lot of Jeeps and will never own another one. These things are built for off road more so than Jeeps. Our Rovers are flat underneath unlike Jeeps with the tcase, fuel tank and other things hanging down. Our low range is lower, we have fixed yokes rather than slip yokes so we do not lose our fluid if a u-joint does break, which is rare being so over built. Our diffs are both in line and off center, unlike Jeeps which are staggered.

It's amazing so many people think Jeeps are it for off road. Not even close. I've had my Disco all over the northwest in all weather conditions and even Colorado and Moab. The thing just flat goes where you point it. I realize they do have niggling issues, but they are what they are.

Most people who complain are not off road enthusiasts, and a Honda CRV should have been their choice to begin with. You can't buy a car for an image if you don't live it. I see it in so many reviews. Love the looks so I bought it and now hate it because my Audi drove nicer on the highway etc.

Honestly, for a solid frame solid axle truck that weighs 5k, it drives excellent! If you know how to work on your car the maintenance is easy. You cannot be an un involved Rover owner. Same is true with any European car I've owned. Why would you buy a Rover if you do not need a off road truck and have no clue how it works? I'd say shut up and go away and stop complaining.

Rover's reliability rep is not totally undeserved, but like cars used to be, they need to be maintained and watched. You ignore them and small issues become expensive ones. Then you complain online because you didn't notice something wrong and fix it before it got bad...

I'd be bored to tears in a souless Honda that excels at nothing and is bland to look at. Moves people for little money. I'd call that transportation. An operator with an appliance. I'm a driver with a tool. The equipment is what I want and I know how to use it, maintain it and it serves more purposes than moving people. I think it is called being involved with the world around you :)

So I take most people's complaints with a grain of salt. Congrats to you for realizing it is what it is and not blaming the world for a car you don't understand like so many others. You only hear the bad and not the good, and that is too bad for Rover in this country. American's are too detached from their cars these days as a whole. That is why they need cup holders :) They do everything else but drive.


12th May 2010, 20:04

Cheers to the last review. I have owned a Disco 1 for 9 years. I have been in 3 feet of snow, heavy rains and back woods of south Carolina. Nothing beats this 4x4. Did I mention I live in Maryland; we got 4 1/2 of snow in 6 days this Feb 2010. There was nothing on the roads but me and a few real Hummers. Not the soccer mom kind, but the military kind. Nothing like Rovers on the road. Yes they have their problems, but this a tool and you should know how to use it.