2000 Land Rover Discovery reviews from North America

Discovery SE 4.0 petrol V8

Wonderful and rewarding, although not for the faint-hearted

740 words


Lemon, Lemon, Lemon. Expensive mistake

Discovery 4.0 V8

The most refined, durable, and capable SUV on the market.

342 words, 2 comments

Discovery II 4.6

Stay Away from Land Rovers!

72 words

Discovery V8

Most cars in this price range cost a certain amount to keep up... however, this brand has a history

357 words, 3 comments

Discovery II

Classy Beautiful SUV

Discovery Series II 4.0 V8

Solid machinery with slight glitches

259 words, 3 comments

Discovery II 4.0

Different. That's why you'll like it

195 words


Don't take one even if it's free

Discovery Series II SE V8

A solid SUV for the money

121 words

Discovery S

As loved as the family pet

Discovery II V8

A kick butt off roader with class and panache

128 words

Discovery SE

Best value in the luxury market

Discovery Series II V8i

By far the most capable SUV out there

289 words, 4 comments