27th Nov 2007, 11:08

...yeah man I think you might have had a lemon, either that or you just don't know how to take care of your vehicles. Rovers as the guy above me said are very quirky, you have to love them like the family pet. I have a 2000 Disco SD7 and it has had its problems because I didn't take care of it, but as soon as I raise the dough it will be as good as new!

22nd Dec 2007, 13:06

This story is consistent with my family's Land Rover experiences. My Freelander was the most troublesome vehicle I've ever owned. My son's Disco needed a new engine at 26K miles, and despite having all scheduled maintenance performed (at great expense) by a Land Rover dealer, it needs a complete engine rebuild at 60K. It has leaked fluids with both engines and Land Rover couldn't figure out how to fix either one. From my experience, I'd say that Land Rovers without serious problems are the exception.

24th Jan 2008, 16:17

I too have a 2000 Discovery. The water pump went out while on vacation. I realized it was a Land Rover, but geez, $400 for a water-pump! They are extremely proud.

After searching for aftermarket stuff, for ex pumps from Auto Zone and other similiar vendors, we were able to locate them for around $100. Yet the aftermarket does not compare. It seems the British are making sure this is an exclusive vehicle. Everything is special in some form or fashion, so get ready to pay, and wait for exclusivity.

27th Jun 2010, 21:04

Just so you all know, Ford bought Land Rover in 2000, and BMW had it before them. Land Rover hasn't been a British owned company for many years.

30th Jan 2011, 10:47

Better BMW, than TATA motors who now owns them.

14th Mar 2013, 07:04

At the last comment about Land Rover being better off being owned by BMW instead of Tata... My family owns a 1995 Defender (BMW owned), a 2000 Discovery (BMW owned), a 2010 Range Rover (Tata owned), and a 2013 LR4 (Tata owned). I can say that the newer vehicles that were made under Tata management ARE FAR superior to the older and much more troublesome vehicles... We love Land Rover as a brand, and are very brand loyal... we are VERY GLAD of the technology changes that have been implemented under Tata management. Our family loves the direction that Land Rover is going... and we LOVE the reliability of the newer products!!!