2000 Land Rover Discovery from North America


Don't take one even if it's free


I don't even know where to start when describing the problems I had with this car. I bought it brand new and immediately took it back to the dealer for repairs.

The remote fuel cap release would not open, the car would not unlock the drivers door (you had to crawl over the console from he passenger side).

From there I took it in every month to have 4-5 things fixed at once that had broken over the past month. among things that broke during the 9 months I had the car are:

Fuel cap wouldn't release.

Door looks would not unlock the driver door.

Heater stuck on and wouldn't shut off.

Wipers totally stopped working.

Rear door developed a sag that dealer could never fix.

Car started randomly locking and unlocking the doors whether or not the car was being driven or just sitting in the driveway.

Passenger seat developed a short that would send the power passenger seat crushing the passenger into the dash and windshield when you hit bumps.

Both heated seats did not work from the factory and had to be replaced.

The engine developed a rattle under the hood.

The car had 3 factory recalls int he 9 months I owned the car.

General Comments:

Even worse than the car was the dealer. The dealer had it for a week every month repairing problems, and you know what they gave me as a "free" loaner? Chevy cavaliers and a Geo metro. I didn't pay 45,000 for a car to drive a Metro.

These cars also do not hold their resale value at all.

All of my repairs were covered by my dealer, but I got rid of the car before the warranty could expire because of the extreme amount of repairs I kept having to had fixed.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2004

16th Nov 2007, 07:28

I have a Disco 2 and love the crap out of it. It has 120K on the engine and no signs of stopping. It does have it's quirks, but every car does. The passenger seat stopped moving forward, but my wife is only 5 foot, so it doesn't matter. The exhaust rattles out of it's hangars every so often, but I just put it back in. I have had it in a foot and a half snow, and would not have wanted anything else. I have two toddler children that are hard on vehicles, and the build quality of my Disco is some of the best I have seen. It shows less wear than my brothers 05 Expedition, and he doesn't have kids. I intend to drive the wheels off this thing. All cars have lemons in the family, and you might just have one.

2000 Land Rover Discovery Series II SE V8 from North America


A solid SUV for the money


Some slight issues addressed upon purchase. Replaced the handle to one of 3rd row seats which was snapped, also adjusted a clasp on one of the same seats which would not secure properly (and could not be used).

Rear tail light had internal water.

Drivers door had rod problem, causing a loud snap to occur when opening.

General Comments:

The Bad:

Poor gas mileage overall

Can be quite loud on the freeway

Opening windows while driving adds to the overall noise

Truck-ish feel

The Good:

Excellent power and acceleration

Handles well for its size and weight


Bigger than it appears on inside

Well serviced by dealer (esp under warranty)

No major issues requiring expense or time in shop

Amazing off road capabilities

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004

2000 Land Rover Discovery Series 2 V8 from United Arab Emirates


Solid, safe and reliable


The bonnet catch outer cable sheath seemed to crush preventing the bonnet catch from releasing. Dealer fixed it.

Nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

Here in the United Arab Emirates the temperature in the summer can reach 50degrees C. The car has never (even with a full load and air con on) looked like being a problem. The temperature gauge remains normal and the air con is excellent. Its been off road and used for long trips loaded with camping and diving equipment. It has been off-road wadi bashing and always inspires confidence. It is very comfortable on long runs, cruises at high speed feeling very stable and relaxing. Petrol consumption is about 20 miles to the gallon, overall, including off road. As petrol is cheap here, economy is not as important as range as petrol stations can be far apart. I have owned other 4WD and this is the best for off-road performance. My previous vehicle, Hyundai Galloper, suffered from overheating in the summer and had several viscous drive fans replaced. The Discovery has better performance in sand than the Nissan Patrol I also owned in the past.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2004