2000 Land Rover Discovery S from North America


As loved as the family pet


Lifters needed replacing.

Transfer box was leaking.

Wiper blade came off in the rain and scratch the windsheild.

General Comments:

The best thing about buying a Land Rover was the generous warranty. We have never had any problems in correcting issues we found and were amazed that the dealership pointed out areas that needed to be addressed while under warranty.

This is one heavy vehicle as the gas gage will attest. My neighborhood's gas station attendant and I are now on a first name basis. Premium unleaded gas only... bit of irony here as this machine is made to tackle the most difficult and remote terrain and should run on swamp water!

The fact that the Discovery comes with almost every option in the book as standard, the double sunroof is fantastic.

We run to our Disco to see who gets to drive it when we're together! A complete pleasure, very comfortable and tons of room (3 people, luggage, an 8-person oval shaped teak patio table with 6 teak chairs, Thanksgiving leftovers, 1 potato launcher (another story all together:) ) and jars of preserves).

We pledge allegiance to our Land Rover and in Land Rover we trust.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2003

2000 Land Rover Discovery ES 2.5 Td5 from UK and Ireland


Faithful family friend


Load cover clip failed on first day of ownership.

Tape in dash unit, refused to play.

General Comments:

Our Disco is now 3 year old and impresses each time we climb aboard.

7 forward facing leather seats are excellent for the school run, and long trips.

Limo-like luxuries such as an integrated DVD player, front and rear climate control, air suspension.

Good on road manners, combined with smooth power from the diesel unit via the smooth shifting auto transmission.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2003

13th Jul 2008, 19:54

Yeah, It's a good car. I've got a Disco 2 TD5, but my neighbour's Volvo V70XC is better. I love the Disco and won't change, but for day to day stuff, the Volvo stuffs pretty much everything. Don't get me wrong, my mates Volvo isn't the best car in the world, especially on major off road stuff or deep water, but for safe, fast, reliable carry the world and still break the speed limit... it's unbeatable.

The Volvo is better than the Disco.. but I've got a Disco!

He's just a motorway muncher! No he isn't, he's got a much better car. The Volvo is a better car... I'll stick with the Disco!... The Volvo is a much better car!

I'll meet him in Yorkshire two days after he arrives... he'll have had a much better trip but I'll have my Disco! Disco rubbish! Volvo ACE!! I'll keep my Disco and hope for really really bad conditions! I'll pull him out, gloat and then he'll leave me for dead!

2000 Land Rover Discovery II V8 from North America


A kick butt off roader with class and panache


Problem with the alarm system, only because of a sensor in the drivers door. FIxed in one day.

General Comments:

Car is a masterpiece of engineering. Great on the highway and even greater off-road. (I can't wait for the winter months to see what it can do in the snow in New Hampshire and Vermont.)

The biggest drwback to this vehicle is the VERY LOW gas mileage it gets. (12-14 miles per gallon)

But this vehicle was never designed as a commuter car, it is an off-roader with class. And for that it is excellent. I tried out a lot of 4x4 vehicles and none of them were as classy or roomy or had the "balls" of the Discovery II. This will be my next "new" automobile purchase as well.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2003

2000 Land Rover Discovery TD5 2.5L turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A Great Offroad Machine


Not much has gone wrong with the car.

Had a small hole in a fuel tube which leaked diesel from the engine bay.

Few creaks and rattles

Standard sound system is not very good (speakers rattle)

A recall for fly wheel which had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Well the discovery is a great 4wd it has the ability to go anywhere. I have just completed a off road trip and found the discovery perfect for bush driving. It offers style and prestige when driving in the city and handle's well for a 4wd. After owning a series 1 discovery I found the series 2 HEAPS better and it is definitely worth the update if you can afford it!.

Its great for snow trips although we did get bogged in the snow and had to get towed out by a Range Rover!. other than that it has been great! If you can ignore the creaks and rattles in the interior then it is a great car to live with!.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003