2000 Land Rover Discovery SE 4.0 from UK and Ireland


Reliable and a beast. Power when you need it, with luxury


Lower arm bushes. A pain in the ass... a lot of money.

General Comments:

Well mine was a full Overfinch, super chipped out, and fully pimped out interior... fast as fxxk... now in Gibraltar... loving it...

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

2000 Land Rover Discovery 4.0 V8 from North America


The most refined, durable, and capable SUV on the market.


Replaced thermostat.

Replaced rear air suspension bags.

Tune-Up ($20 a spark plug! But more than worth it)

Random rattles over bumps.

Both sunroofs are rattling.

Fixed it all for $1100

General Comments:

This is my first car, and words can't describe how much I love it.

The timeless, boxy, unique style is what drew my attention to this luxury beast.

I did my homework and found a great one with only 71,000 miles. I have to say that I am more than happy with it.

Its off road capabilities are ridiculous, while it's terrific on the road. It has this unique hum to the motor and a great sounding transmission shift.

Acceleration is not a problem at all. It has all the power I would ever need, while I'm not mistaking it for a sports car. You sit up so high, feeling like king of the road.

I am planning to keep this truck forever.

You really can't compare anything to this, especially a jeep. I know, jeep is good off-road, but this is outstanding in all aspects outside of the fact that it too is exceptional off-road. I really can't get my point accross enough about how much I love this car.

If you are looking into getting one, do yourself a huge favor and buy one. Please don't let the other reviews scare you, these are truely reliable cars. Buy one that has been well maintained, and it should last you 200k miles. You get what you put into the car. I meticulously maintain mine, and it seems to be doing just fine.

The rear door leaks at the top? Is there anyway to fix this? I've tried aftermarket sealing, but it seems to make it worse? Any solutions? Please?

What are the best ways to get rid of some of the rattles? It gets frustraiting sometimes whenever I'm driving down bumpy Texas roads, and the car feels like it's rattling itself to pieces. I feel like I'm not taking care of it, but I can't go 5 mph in a 45..

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2010

13th Oct 2010, 09:30

Mine did the same thing and there is a way to move the rear door slightly inward by unbolting it. I was able to push it inward a little bit and retighten the bolts. That solved the leak problem once and for all.

23rd Oct 2010, 23:00

Thanks for your advice. I've tried everything but this, hopefully this will work!

2000 Land Rover Discovery TD 2.5 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Yes it's true, Land Rovers are unreliable


Turbo went, 160k kms, $3500.

All wires shorted and melted behind firewall.

Various parts stripping (qualified LR mechanic services).

General Comments:

Great car as a 4wd, all the bells and whistles, but reliability issues are just not worth the hassle.

Seats are uncomfortable - driving position is good however.

Plenty of power, but bit sluggish on the tow.

I was told not to do it - I was loyal to Land Rover, but now am not. Please don't buy unless you can afford to keep forking out $ every service.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2010

2000 Land Rover Discovery II 4.6 from North America


Stay Away from Land Rovers!


Passenger-side front and back window mechanism broke;

Passenger-side Exhaust Manifold cracked;

Brake sensors lights continuously coming on;

Spark plug and Spark plug wires had to be replaced twice;

Belt Tension-er and flywheel came apart;

Replaced Engine Belt;

Head-liner is Falling;

Oil Pan leaks;

Head Gasket leaks;

General Comments:

I like the way the Land Rovers look and it has lots of room, but definitely not worth the cost or owning let alone the maintenance.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2008

2000 Land Rover Discovery V8 from North America


Most cars in this price range cost a certain amount to keep up... however, this brand has a history


Discovery 2000 (71,800 k).

Repairs to date excludes taxes (additional 15%).

Driven by my wife (school and shopping) within the city core.

Engine block cracked at 70,800 k... engine replacement cost 15,000.

Engine head gaskets replaced at 70,000 k. Cost $3000.

Master cylinder replaced. Cost 1,200.

Hood cable assembly. Cost $280.

Door latches (3) within 1 month. Cost $1,500 total.

Ignition coil pack. Cost $850.

48,000 k service. Cost $1050.

Catalytic converter shield replacement. Did not replace - removed.

Front brake pads & rotors. Cost $767.

Left front brake ABS assembly. Cost $850.

Passenger seatbelt buckle locked up. Cost $250. Replacement was also faulty.

Rear brake pads & rotors. Cost $715.

Repair rear license plate holder.

Replace missing wiper arm nut covers.

A/C blowing warm air.

Replace horn switch. Cost $128.

Install right rear tread plate. Cost $40.

Windshield cowl retaining clips. Cost $9.

Replace radiator assembly. Cost $474.

Replace rocker cover gaskets. Cost $366.

Dot inspection (?). Cost $111.

Adjusted tire PSI. Cost (free), big hearted.

Replace front & rear brake pads. Cost $$263.

Replace front & rear brake rotors. Cost $1040.

36,000 k service at 26275k. Cost $341.

Front wiper blades. Cost $22.

Replace front water jet / bumper end cap / supplied and programmed 1 remote key. Cost $162.

Replace front & rear brake pads. Cost $626.

Tailgate wiper arm replacement. Cost $48.

Slabs ECU replacement (?). Cost $558.

Throttle cable damage. Cost $9.

24,000 k service. Cost $363.

Replace CD changer & magazine. Cost $986.

Replace hose intake. Cost $100.

Replace idler pulley. Cost $72.

12,000 k service. Cost $250.

Loose hose clamps. Cost $52.

This excludes the various recalls, including a radiator replacement and an ignition failure that occurred while driving, resulting in no steering capability.

General Comments:

This car has not been run hard in any way.

It has been driven predominately by my wife, taking the kids to school and daily shopping.

It is sitting in my driveway... The cost of a new engine is approx $18,000 with labor.

The market cost of this car presently ranges from 10-18K... I suspect it will be bought for parts... Which is in itself dubious.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2008

6th Apr 2008, 09:40

Weird. One of my relatives has a 2000 Discovery and aside from a costly ignition harness replacement (at the dealer $$), they have not had any big problems and have around 100k on it now. You are spending way too much on stuff like brake pad replacements. Find an independent mechanic like mine who specializes in cars like this.

2nd Dec 2008, 23:48

The first owner will overcome routine maintenance. The second will suffer from this lack and blame the brand. The bottom line is that you can't afford it!

19th Feb 2009, 08:17

Why would you buy a Disco to drive in the city core??