2000 Land Rover Discovery SE from North America


Best value in the luxury market



General Comments:


Love the styling of the car. There is nothing out there like it. The Mercedes feels/looks like a van. The Lexus looks like a station wagon (mid-range model). The Acura looks cool - but it feels like a van and is not a four wheel drive. The BMW SUV is priced out of this range.

There is a huge amount of headroom and space. The car sits high and the view is great. Feels very safe.

Heater/air is powerful. Defrost actually works without having to "learn it".

The appointments on the Discovery are refined but simple. The interior craftsmanship is very high. The interior is holding up well against the daily beatings from my children.

The sound system is better than what I have at home.

More than enough power. Solid feel. Smooth - but this is still a truck.


The Land Rover cupholder problem is real.

The steering is "light" and demands attention.

The gas mileage is a concern. Even though my commute has just increased 5x I will keep this car! I will have to find another way to conserve.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

23rd Jan 2007, 10:34

I see that your previous car was a trooper. Sounds like you made the same switch from your trooper to the discovery as I am thinking about. Would you recommend the switch?

23rd Jan 2007, 13:16

Sounds like out of the frying pan into the fire to me.

2000 Land Rover Discovery Series II V8i from North America


By far the most capable SUV out there



General Comments:

So far this vehicle has proved to be excellent.

We previously test drove a Discovery in 1998 and weren't impressed. The seats seemed too short and build quality was less than was to be expected from an almost $60,000 (CDN) vehicle. BMW acquired Land Rover and made 13,000 (I think that's correct) minor, yet very necessary changes. After test driving the Series II, we were pleasantly surprised, and purchased a fully loaded Discovery Series II.

The engine is somewhat under powered, but we didn't buy the vehicle to serve sports car purposes. If the sport button is activated the truck will move quite quickly, but fuel consumption becomes ridiculously heavy. The engine is a little noisier than our previous vehicle.

It is very comfortable and the driver position commands outstanding vision. The headroom is cavernous and the cabin is very roomy. We love the big windows.

Our model is equipped with the ACE (active cornering enhancement) which is none-less-than a technological marvel. The truck shows no sign of listing or body roll through corners, a very nice feature for an SUV. The "ACE" makes my wife feel much safer, a Toyota 4-Runner we had (and loved) years earlier rolled unexpectedly and with little provocation.

The vehicle is equipped with all of the necessary modern conveniences and then some.

It has proven to be a fantastic vehicle to help us through the brutal Canadian winters. This vehicle doesn't hesitate in worst of conditions, ice, deep snow, and even in the muddy roads in the spring.

It is by and far the most capable SUV we have ever owned. We purchased a second Discovery last month. We will never look at any other SUV again. We're sold on Land Rover.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2001

23rd Aug 2002, 10:22

The Disco is alas not too great off road - the computer controlled traction control system does not work very well requiring a lot of wheel spin and dust to move if there is a hint of an axle twisting obstacle.

They don't sell where it counts here in Africa outside of the yuppie urban centres and in the Australian outback.

The disco is a wanabee town car.