10th Sep 2002, 13:10

I purchased a new Disco here in Ireland in February 2002. The second day there was a heavy fall of snow and the vehicle performed admirably. I also live off the main road on a steep hill, but that proved no challenge to the Disco.

Agreed it is not a sports car, but that is not why I purchased it. The three year warranty, improved build quality and two year roadside assist is what sold it for me.

Also the support from the local dealer was superb.

The few niggles would be the diesel cap will not lock without a minor adjustment each time and the accelerator is a bit flat (3-5 seconds) when pulling away from a stop.

4th Mar 2004, 12:26

Land Rover's are top quality cars with a reputation to match. Two of my uncles are bush men out in Kenya, and both rely heavily on their Series Land Rovers for survival. One of my uncles was driving in heavy rain on his way back home from some Lion control, and had to traverse a very slanted, and wet slope. Unfortunately for him the slop was too steep and the Land Rover rolled down, going over 3 to four times. Anyway, all belted up inside was my uncle. He got out, attached the winch to a tree to raise the vehicle back onto its wheels, go in it, and carried on his journey. The Land Rover is an extremely robust and reliable vehicle, why else would the British Armed Forces use them for over 40 years? They're mean machines which very few other cars can compete with.

The other uncle tells a story about a tug-of-war competition, whereby a rope was attached to the front chassis of each car. His Land Rover Series II took out all of the competition, and was only forced to retire after some bloke challenged him driving a monster truck, 6-wheeler with spiked wheels.

Land Rover's are quality cars, and long may that continue.

27th Oct 2005, 07:42

We have a Discovery Series 2, which had proved to be a very roadworthy vehicle. Travels fairly fast and very comfortable. Even after driving for five hours you feel as you have been driving only for 15 minutes. This vehicle can overtake pretty fast, 3.5 Litre petrol Model zooms past others. Up to date there had been no jeep that could perform better than this in sharp bends.