B2300 SE 2.3

The best truck nobody knows about!!!

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B2300 Cab Plus 2.3

Best driving vehicle I have owned

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B2300 SE 2.3L 4 cylinder 2WD

Gutless but EXTREMELY reliable

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B2300 2.3

Not going to stop driving it till it totally dies

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B2300 SE 2.3


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B2300 SL 4 cylinder

My truck is always dependable and happy

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B2300 2.3

The most useful vehicle I've owned

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B2300 Extended Cab 2.3

I wouldn't trade my Mazda for anything, well maybe convertible Beemer

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B2300 Ext cab 2.3

This is good, mechanically solid, transportation

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B2300 Base 2.3 Liter four cylinder

Solid as a rock and cheaper than dirt to run

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