1975 Mercedes-Benz W115


Awesome looking older style Mercedes with great dependability


Just regular maintenance, things that go wrong on a 38 year old car.

One engine rebuild.

One transmission rebuild.

General Comments:

Complete restoration inside and out.

I love the older style. Only regret is it didn't have a turbo. The next year they added one cylinder and a turbo.

Drives great. A little noisy.

Slow pick up, but will cruise easily at 70-75.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2012

1976 Mercedes-Benz W115 300D diesel


For a 35+ year old car, this Mercedes puts newer cars to shame in looks, reliability and performance


Water pump needed replacement. The seat supports are due for reconditioning.

General Comments:

This car is a true testament to the reliability of the Mercedes diesel marque. The 115 handles beautifully, and accelerates just like a gas powered car. It gets excellent fuel economy, and is extremely reliable on the highway for long trips. I went for a long trip towards California, and this car kept up with the 2007 model Porsches and BMW's on the highway, and at 120 km/p/h, the car was solid and sturdy like a tank. The engine purrs like a kitten, with minimal noise in the cabin.

The Mercedes W115 is roomy and very comfortable, with sofa like seats, and lots of leg and headroom. A beautifully crafted interior, the W115 has a very inviting cabin. The ergonomics on the dashboard are excellent for the time period, and it has really good heat and cool air. The air conditioner is very powerful and blows ice cold. The trunk has ample room for luggage and more.

This is an awesome car. I would recommend the Mercedes 300D W115 to anyone!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2011

1971 Mercedes-Benz W115 220D 2.2L diesel


Comfortable, reliable, stylish, slow


No heat.

Fuel lines need replacing.

Odometer only works 1/2 the time.

General Comments:

This is an awesome car!

Super comfy, can't feel any bumps or pot holes. Super comfy seats.

Great brakes; 60-0 in five seconds.

Super reliable, never had it fail me. Took a 1,000 mile trip without issue.

Good styling, get a lot of looks.

Good mpg's; around 35.

Could use some more sound deadening; it can get quite loud in the car while traveling at freeway speeds.

The car is quite slow; 0-60 in thirty seconds.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2010

1976 Mercedes-Benz W115 300D 5 cylinder diesel


The best car Mercedes ever built


Transmission has started to shift a little rough on occasion.

General Comments:

This car is an incredible piece of work. A pleasure to drive, accelerates very quickly, and is in excellent condition. The car handles like a sports car and has an incredible turning radius.

The car is built like a tank, and is arguably the best design Mercedes styled for a 4 door sedan.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2009

1971 Mercedes-Benz W115 220 Gas


Beautiful, solid, reliable and comfortable - what more could you ask for?


When I bought this car, it had been in storage (by and large) for close to 30 years, taken out only to clean and run up and down the street. Most of the 71,000 miles put on it were put on by the first owner who sold it to the man I bought it from in 1976. When I bought the car, it was running but not exceptionally well. To bring it up to snuff:

Muffler and down pipe needed to be replaced. (Mercedes)

Engine mounts needed replacing.

Blower motor was shot - replaced.

Needed to replace the ignition coil.

Carburetor needed to be rebuilt.

Exhaust Manifold replaced, and manifold needed to be planed (warped).

Alternator was dodgy - replaced.

General Comments:

For the fact that this car had been stored, I'm amazed at its condition - most cars don't appreciate exceedingly long periods of rest - this one was astounding - the above "fixes" cost me a fair bit, but for the price, I have a pristine car, with virtually no rust, and (unbelievably) an interior quite literally "as new".

The gas engine means that this has some horsepower, and although it's not "quick", it has all the power one needs, and drives exceedingly smoothly.

The seats are unbelievable - I can drive 400 km and step out of the car without stretching - they're like armchairs.

Having fixed the dodgy bits in the engine, the car runs very solidly - this is my daily driver.

It's early days for me yet (I've only had it for a year), but I've never enjoyed a car more.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2009

20th May 2009, 07:53

Hi, I am Bulgarian. We have our MD 220D (115) since 1972. Later I inherited it from my father. He bought it in Stuttgart directly from the factory. It's really great car. It is still in a relevantly good condition, original paint -"herbstbeige", original upholstery. The car is 37 years old and it was almost always kept in a garage, however it was once "flooded" because of heavy rains in 2006 in that area. For my great astonishment I succeeded to start the engine at once - only black water came out from the exhaust pipe. I drove a number of different brands of cars, but my MD 220D is my beloved car. It is only 150 000 km.

However the car has some cosmetic problems - the decorative bars around the body are damaged, somebody tried to steel them. The figures 220D at the bonnet are stolen. The headlights are to be changed, they are darkened.

24th Sep 2014, 02:23

I have a 1971 220 diesel and one for parts. It works great. Love the ride.