Mercury Marauder reviews from North America


Marauder DTR

A full sized Mustang


Marauder 4.6 32 valve 302 HP

One of the best FULL SIZE performance sedans of all time

69 words, 5 comments


It likes the open road, and with the addition of a supercharger, would be a great boulevard bruiser


For what it is this car offers, good all around value, I'm glad to call myself an owner

Marauder 4.6 DOHC V8

I love what the car stands for -V8, rear wheel drive muscle

63 words


This car is a great family car without sacrificing performance and styling

Marauder 4.6L DOHC 32 valve V8

Looks great, performs adequately

162 words, 15 comments


Marauder 4.6L OHV8

The best car of 2003 and beyond!!

156 words, 9 comments