2002 Mercury Mountaineer reviews from North America

Mountaineer AWD V6

It has serious issues regarding safety

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Mountaineer 4.0

Do not buy a Mercury Mountaineer- it's a piece of crap

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Mountaineer AWD V8 4.6 V8

I beat the crap out of it, and tow cars with it, and it's still going

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Mountaineer 4.6 V8 AWD

Money pit

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Mountaineer V8

Nice, roomy, good value in an SUV

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Mountaineer AWD 4.0 SOHC

Engine good! Tranny not so GOOD!

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Mountaineer 6

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Mountaineer AWD 4.6L V8

Good looks for good trouble

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Mountaineer 3.0 V6

It's a great SUV

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I like my vehicle, but I won't buy another one

Mountaineer 4.6 V8


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Mountaineer V8

Like the truck and all its features, but the quality is suspect; the ride is stiff even for an SUV

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Mountaineer AWD V8

Great car, everything about it, except its starting problem that just sprung up

Mountaineer AWD V6


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Mountaineer 4.0

Good, dependable SUV

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Buyer beware. Looks are deceiving.

Mountaineer 6 cylinder

Very expensive to maintain

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Mountaineer V8

Not reliable at all!

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Good vehicle if Ford would correct the tailgate problem


Mountaineer AWD 4.0 V6

Very good and reliable AWD suv

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It sounds like I am not the only 2002 Mountaineer owner with transmission shudder problems

Mountaineer V8

Great ride. Poor performance

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Mountaineer V6

Do not buy. Ford's quality dept was on vacation when these trucks were produced

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Mountaineer AWD V8

Healthy in design, but sickly in operation

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Mountaineer 8 cylinder

Disappointing and unreliable luxury

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Mountaineer AWD V8 with luxury package V8 4.6 Liter

I wish I would've done more research

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Mountaineer awd 4.6

Stay away from this SUV it needs constant repairs to major parts!

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Mountaineer AWD 4.6 V8

It's terrible, and unreliable

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Mountaineer V6

Not very reliable

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Mountaineer V8

Nice vehicle, Terrible repair record.

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Car great in the snow, but transmission problems solidifies the fact that I will never buy another

Mountaineer AWD 4.0 V6

Could have been great, but missing one important piece

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Mountaineer 4.0

This is the nicest 4x4 I've owned

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Mountaineer Premier 4.6L V8

Junk, don't buy one

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Mountaineer V8

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