Galant S 2.4 DOHC


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Galant S 2.4 4 Cylinder

Needs improvement to compete with the Accord or Camry

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Not worth it

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I love you, but I hate you

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Galant S 2.4

A very fun family sedan

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Galant S 2.4 SOHC

This car sucks and I would never buy a mitsubishi again

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The best 90's car I have ever driven!

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Galant ES 2.4

It wasn't a bad lemon after all.

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Galant ES 2.4 SOHC 4-Cylinder

A cheap, but reliable friend

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Galant E

For such a piece of trash, it sure does last long

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Galant S 4 cylinder

I enjoy the car it has been reliable

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Galant ES 2.4L 4G64 16-Valve Four

You Get What You Pay For..

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Galant S 2.4

This car sucks

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Galant S 2.4

Poorly designed and built vehicle

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Galant Four door sedan ES 2.4L SFI

Do not buy Mitsubishi cars

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