1995 Mitsubishi Galant ES 2.4 from North America


It wasn't a bad lemon after all.


I had a few problems when I first got the car.

The car needed whole new braking system which some of it was covered by warranty.

The dark/ black Grey dashboard has a greenish color to it.

The blower motor didn't work.

I have disco interior dash lights.

The dealership for got to tell me about the electrical problems.

The rear defrost switch and hazard light switch no longer light up.

At 130000 miles my battery and alternator had to be replaced.

Then again less than a year later.

All the belts had been replaced 2 or 3 times.

The ball joints have had to be replaced due to a recall.

At 100,000 the a/c compressor fell out of the car replaced the unit and it fell off again both times in the dead of summer.

The cloth near the sunroof is falling down.

The power window control panel was replaced it shorted out. In the middle of the summer, that was quite costly.

The power windows also take their sweet time to roll up. It has also been noted that they get stuck in the cold weather.

There are some strange noises coming from the engine.

The cup holder doesn't pop out.

The lever to the gas tank no longer functions.

The weather stripping on the doors is now held on my super glue.

And for a family car, you can't fit anyone in the back seat.

At 156000 shes starting to burn oil.

The transmission only recently started to slip.

General Comments:

I know it seemed like a lot of things that are wrong with the car, but I have taken as best care of this car as I possibly could. She still has the appearance of just off the lot look.

My Mitsubishi was the greatest investment I made. A reliable vehicle. even at high mileage, handles like a dream, hangs curves. You have to expect problems with any vehicle. I accepted mine, but didn't spend a fortune on initial cost and repairs. Also for having the vehicle for 4 years it was so worth every penny.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2003

28th Jul 2006, 03:46

For you, who had any trouble with hard starting, try to change the cable to battery (ac-cu), the positive and the negative (set).

1995 Mitsubishi Galant ES 2.4 SOHC 4-Cylinder from North America


A cheap, but reliable friend


For the first two years of owning the car I've had no problems with it.

In 2000, the belts on the car have needed to be replaced at least 3 times or more already.

The leather interior, even constantly maintained, is dried and starting to flake.

At about 55,000 mile there was an electrical short in the system. After I just started up the car it started to smoke, if I wouldn't of shut it off so quickly the mechanic said it would have went on fire.

The passenger side window gets stuck if you lower it too far. If you get it back up it makes a whining noise.

The ball joints have had to be replaced due to a recall.

The sunroof doesn't open, it jams when it reaches a certain point.

The paint is starting to look cloudy and old.

General Comments:

Overall, the car has been very reliable. I've had very few problems with the engine, but it's looks are starting to fade.

The car handles beautifully. It maneuvers around corners gracefully and for a 4-cylinder, it feels like something more powerful.

The seats are very uncomfortable especially for taller people. My son has a hard time getting in and out of the car without hurting himself, especially if sitting in the back. My son is about 6'2 but he's still growing.

The gas mileage has been excellent. I drove from New York to Tennessee only having to re-fill the tank twice.

This car is getting high on the mileage and I'm starting get scared (after reading some of the other reviews) that I'm only going to be spending money on it once it reaches about 80,000 miles.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

11th Dec 2004, 12:15

I had to have my engine rebuilt after 100,000 miles.

I have 177,000 now and my car is sitting in the yard

Besides this it has been a pretty reliable car. It handles well. Some people complain about the seating being uncomfortable on long trips (over 5 hours). I'm looking for another transmission. Are there any out there?

1st Apr 2005, 14:47

We also had to have the transmission replaced. Bought the car used in Jan 04 with 160k miles. Trans went at 166k. Took it to a Mitsubishi dealer (yes, I know they are higher priced...). Total for a new tranny was $3200.

16th Feb 2006, 19:37

I own a 95 Gallant ES. I bought the car 7 months ago with 140,000 miles on it. The car ran nice at first and seemed to be in pretty good shape. The car has now about 147,000 miles and the transmission is starting to fail at a fast rate. The Engine is still running good and pretty much everything else in the car. The Transmission seems as though it was built to fail eventually. Buying the car was a poor choice. Don't BUY THIS CAR IT IS A (PIECE OF JUNK).