Galant ES 2.4

Rough ride, but a solid car

274 words

Galant ES 2.4L 4g64

By far my second favorite car I've ever been in... Still doesn't beat a BMW, but close

27 words

Galant ES V6

This is a great car for a small family, or someone who wants a sporty 4 door

113 words

Galant LE V6

An OUTSTANDING car for the price

171 words

Galant LS V6

Probably best I have owned out of 22 cars

141 words

Galant Es

Hell on wheels

47 words

Galant ES

It's a piece of crap

84 words, 2 comments

Galant ES 4 Cylinder

A cost effective, reliable car that looks good

33 words

Galant ES 4 cylinder

Excellent value for a small to mid-size sedan

200 words, 3 comments

Galant ES 2.4 liter

Awesome beautiful car

116 words

Galant ES

Good buy, reliable!!

43 words

Galant ES Inline 4

It's like a four-door Eclipse when it comes to driving

183 words

Galant ES Luxury Edition

I LOVE my Mitsubish Galant!

135 words

Galant ES


49 words

Galant ES 3.0L V6

Best V6 car in this price range

89 words, 1 comment

Galant ES 206

Great, good motor car

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