Mighty Max 2.0

Best thing to happen to this earth

127 words

Mighty Max Macro Cab

I love this truck and hope it lives forever

248 words

Mighty Max SPX 2.6 gas

This thing will run forever

233 words, 3 comments

Mighty Max 2.6L

Groovy groovy funky

187 words

Mighty Max 2.0L

This truck is a hard working, reliable, but gutless truck

317 words, 4 comments

Mighty Max Pickup 4x4 2.6L carb.

This truck is the bomb when it is off-road.

53 words

Mighty Max SWB 2.0

Unbelievable, simply amazing!

86 words, 1 comment

Mighty Max 2.0

Reliable and sturdy

184 words, 1 comment

Mighty Max 2.0L 2bbl

A great student buy

99 words, 1 comment