24th Nov 2006, 15:59

I agree, the Mitsubishi trucks of the earlier years are good. Though with the 2.6 motor, you may find that over heating the engine will cause blown head-gaskets and notorious warping the head. The 2.0 is not a whole lot better about this problem, but if kept in check it can run forever. I own a 1986 Mighty Max and I have hauled wood, boulders, and more that made it a low-rider while hauling the weight. These trucks can move materials and do it without damaging the outer bed walls. Reinforced double metal wall lined with 4 additional tie bars as well, make this truck born to haul. As for comfort... I replaced the original bench seat with a pair of Chevy IROC bucket seats with a cherry oak center console arm rest storage box. The bench seat seemed to bend the body to far forward with not enough lean back adjustment. Though a truck has no room to kick the seat back very far. I'm short enough to scoot seat forward and get a decent relaxed position making the truck a great long trip rig hauling or not.

16th Feb 2007, 17:53

I bought a 1987 2.0 Mighty Max new. Yesterday I parked it for good. 300,215.6 miles. Other that normal maintenance, belts, etc., the only problem I ever encountered was the belt tensioner pulley freezing up and tearing up a belt at 275,000 miles.

10th Oct 2008, 09:53

I bought a "88" Mighty Max. I am guess it was one of the higher end models because it has a very plush interior, and the doors, dash and back have wood grain trim.

It has a 2.6l 5spd and it will actually moved pretty good for a four cyl. I actually race a Civic Si and we stayed neck and neck till about 95mph, and then he started pulling away.

I have had it to 115mph (down hill of course) but it rides great.

Got the bucket seats, macro cab, and I put a set of Rockford 10s in, and it sounds better than my wife's H2.

I bought the truck to go back and forth to work (40 miles one way) and I have a 2006 Ford F-250, and I am getting almost 30mpg. And for $1300.00 I have had it for 3 months and put about 7500 miles on it, and it has more than paid for itself.