Frontier 2.4

The four cylinder is amazing. Avoid the V6

69 words

Frontier XE 2.4

Flat out reliable little pickup

163 words

Frontier Supercharged 3.3

Great truck, and very reliable!

126 words

Frontier SE Crew Cab 3.3 V6

This Frontier Crew Cab does what I need for now, and I would probably upgrade to a newer one

127 words

Frontier King Cab XE 3.3 V6

Can't complain, considering what I paid for the truck

94 words

Frontier SE Desert Runner 3.3 V6

Good drivetrain and body construction

521 words

Frontier XE 4 cylinder

Would buy another Nissan

75 words

Frontier SE 3.3L V6

160,000 Miles No Problems.

241 words

Frontier V6

My 4x4 crew cab has been AWESOME!!!

93 words

Frontier SC Supercharged

Save nearly $5 grand and buy a reg. V-6

160 words

Frontier SE Crewcab 4x4 V6

Decent reliability but lousy resale

127 words

Frontier EX 2.4L


85 words, 2 comments

Frontier SC 3.3 SuperCharged

Crap! Buy a regular Nissan, or a Toyota

343 words, 6 comments

Frontier XE 2.4 litre inline 4

By far the best compact 4x2

218 words, 2 comments

Frontier SE Crew Cab 4x4 V6

Nice looking truck, a bit less quality than what I am used too from Nissan

207 words, 1 comment

Frontier SC CrewCab 3.3L Supercharged

Fun reliable truck to drive

122 words

Frontier 2X4 Crew Cab 3.3L V6

A great value if bought as a one year old used vehicle

99 words, 5 comments

Frontier XE 3.0 Liter

A practical truck with room for the entire family (if the kids aren't too large)

51 words

Frontier Crew Cab 4x2 V6

77 words

Frontier Crewcab V6

72 words, 8 comments