29th Jan 2003, 12:36

I'm wondering if any after market parts were added to obtain 26 miles per gallon. I feel as though I have prudent driving techniques and don't think that I get over 22 mpg with my 2001 crew cab (2 wheel drive).

31st Aug 2010, 22:23

OK. Seven years later. Still no problems. No aftermarket items installed whatsoever.

My mileage at sea level was consistently 26 mpg on the freeway, and 18 to 19 in town. I am now at 5280ft, and mileage has dropped to 21 mpg on the freeway, primarily do to the lack of O2. I have not had the time to visit the dealer as yet, but have been assured that altitude adjustment can be made to compensate.

I am just turning 90k miles, and still no problems other than a tape jamming in the cassette player. This is my third Nissan pickup. I started with a '79 (Datsun) 620 290,550 miles, an '85 720 4x4 300,210 miles and now this Frontier 4x2 Crew cab.

I have had great luck with Nissan, and will probably be purchasing a new Titan here in the near future.

29th Oct 2012, 13:38

11 years, and still running well. Changed out the serpentine belt, and had a standard dealer service, and the old 2001 still runs great. Mileage had slipped from 21, down to 17, hence the service.

The truck is still completely stock in configuration, including the BFG Long Trail tires. That is what came with it new, and were replaced six years ago. Still useful tread life, and are wearing fine.

No power parts, air induction modifications, gear changes, nada. Box stock, and at this altitude (one mile up), getting a consistent 21 MPG.

If I didn't need a full sized four wheel drive, I'd be keeping this great little truck. But, since I've had such outstanding luck with Nissan over the years, I'll be purchasing a new V8 Titan four door 4x4. If it is as good an investment as my '01 Frontier, the wife will be getting a new Armada next year. I'm sold.