Maxima SE 3.5

Great handling car, but the quality needs to be better

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Maxima SE 3.5

Piece of junk

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Maxima SE 3.5 V6

Solid, tough, fast, reliable car with poor turning radius. Great all around

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Maxima SE 3.5 V6

I love my Nissan!

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Maxima SE 3.5 liter

The Stealth Sports Car has arrived!

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Maxima SE 3.5

Nice car... bad back up to the customer from Nissan

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Maxima SE VQ30DE

This car has been my dream car for many years... this is the perfect mix of sport and luxury

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Maxima LX V6

The 2003 Maxima is a good looking and fast car with few mechanical problems so far

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Maxima GXE 3.5L V6

Extremely reliable Japanese car, Ver very fast and Good looking like me:-)

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Maxima SE Award Winning VQ35DE

A Bang For the Buck and Awesome Blend of Luxury and Performance!

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Maxima SE 350 V6

A cheap price to heaven

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Maxima SE 3.5L V6

A Lear jet in automotive form

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Maxima SE 6 cylinders

Good performance, but cheaply put together

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Maxima GLE 3.5L V6

Power+Luxury=Nissan Maxima

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