Bravada 4.3 Vortec V6

Absolute garbage!

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Bravada AWD 4.3 V6

It is the worst truck I have ever driven!

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Bravada 4.3 liter 6 cylinder

Good car if you know how to do the upkeep

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Bravada 4.3 vortex

My Bravada is great on long trips, and pulls over 3200 lbs of trailer weight

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Bravada 4.3 V6

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Bravada 3.6

Great look, bad performance

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Bravada 4.3L VTec V6

Ideal if power and AWD are needed

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Bravada AWD 4.3

Problem from the start, but love the comfort it gives

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Bravada Platinum Edition 4.3L V

With today's gas prices you need a thick wallet., should be able to find these cheap

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Bravada 4.3

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Bravada 4.3L

The doors are going to fall off again

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Bravada AWD 4.3 Vortec V6

A Good Value--Comfortable and Durable

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Bravada 4.3 vortec

A great car with many luxuries

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Bravada 4.3 262 CI V6

A vehicle to be avoided

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Bravada 4x4 AWD 4.3L V6

Overpriced, but comfortable

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Bravada 4.3

Great truck, too bad Oldsmobile is going out of business

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