12th Jul 2015, 15:54

I have the same problem, try to change the fluid with Lucas, or try the new fluid GM said to replace it with, this may help. If not, it's probably the module, but mine does it when it gets hot or driving it a little while. Also the second gear kicks after it gets hot as well; they claim that may be a worn solenoid in the trans, so I have some problems as well; seem to be common problems with Bravadas...

24th Aug 2015, 06:24

I have a 97 Bravada and had all kinds of problems with it until I cured the grounding issue for the fuel pump. After the grounding issue was solved, it became a whole new vehicle for me and I have been more than pleased ever since. Do yourself a favor and make sure the circuit to the fuel pump is good and grounded; this also fixed some issues I had with a lagging four wheel drive. Sounds crazy but true. Good luck.

10th Mar 2016, 06:14

I also own a 2000 Olds Bravada.

So far the fuel pump went out, then the radiator went, changed the bad spider injector, all ball joints and tie rods, all new tires, idler and pitman arm, front differential was replaced, both CV axles and front bearings were bad, door sags and pins were changed twice already!

Rear wiper works when it wants to, heat comes through vents when heater isn't on, A/C recharge only lasted about 2 weeks, all 4 shocks and both sway bar links had to be replaced, frost plugs leaking coolant, and worst of all the infamous crow hopping and binding issue that most of everyone here is familiar with plagues mine too!

And that all within a year of owning the turd!!!

19th Jan 2017, 03:16

What if the key is in the on position and will not come out? I had problems with the shifter going out of Park. Played with shifter cable, made it home. Now the key won't come out. Feels like shifter is in Park, but it says P on the dash.