Cutlass Supreme 3.1

Sleeper car with impressive performance if you invest a little time and money in it

157 words, 2 comments

Cutlass Base 3.1 V6

Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned!

175 words

Cutlass 3.1 MPFI

Nice, but expect repairs common to the old 3.1

102 words

Cutlass Ciera SL 3.3L

A reasonably reliable family sedan

244 words

Cutlass Supreme 4 door 3.1 V6

Reliability, Comfort, Power!! 183,000 STILL STRONG!

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Cutlass 3.1

Decent car, great engine

193 words

Cutlass Supreme 3.1L MPFI V6

Good Transportation, nothing more

110 words

Cutlass Supreme 3.1 V6

Broken-down pile of crap

383 words, 1 comment

Cutlass SL 3.3

One of General Motor's best!

36 words

Cutlass Supreme 3.1 liter, multi-port fuel injection

Very reliable; lots of fun to drive

56 words, 3 comments

Cutlass Supreme 3.1

Best Value car I owned

87 words, 2 comments

Cutlass S 3.3L V6

If you want a great car get this model before it's too late!

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Cutlass international 3.2

I think it will financially kill me

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Cutlass Sedan 3.1 Litre V6

A nice comfy sports sedan.

161 words

Cutlass Supreme International 3.4 DOHC

A terrible and maintenance costly excuse of a car

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Cutlass Supreme 3.1

Typical GM

107 words

Cutlass Supreme 3.4L DOHC

If you do not have dollars to maintain it, go buy yourself a Honda

423 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Supreme 3.1liter

Very good family car with sport

88 words

Cutlass Supreme Coupe 2.3 Liter I-4 DOHC (Quad 4)

An example of reliability being sacrificed for performance..

539 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Supreme 3.1 V6 multiport system

A stylish all around car

19 words

Cutlass Supreme International 3.4L 24v DOHC

High performance, value priced vehicle

110 words, 1 comment

Cutlass SL Supreme 3.1, I think


119 words

Cutlass Supreme SL 3.4 L DOHC

A comfortable sports sedan with a high priced engine

180 words

Cutlass Supreme SL 3.1L V6

The best car I've ever owned. And I've owned 12 cars so far

156 words, 1 comment

Cutlass Calias 2.5 Tech 4

40 words