Oldsmobile Omega reviews from North America


Omega Base 2.5L TBI Iron Duke

A reliable car

38 words

Omega (base) 2.5L TBI

A well built automobile with some design flaws

190 words, 1 comment



A nice little X-body K car

Omega L4

A fine little car

130 words, 1 comment


Omega 6 cdyl gas

77 words, 4 comments

Omega 4 cylinder

POS, thankfully I haven't seen one in years

144 words, 2 comments


Omega 305

Best car I've owned other than a Nova!

64 words

Omega 231 ci V6

A good old well built American automobile

193 words

Omega asthmatic V8

Exemplifies everything bad about US cars

83 words, 5 comments


Omega 350 4bbl

Good dependable driver

75 words, 1 comment

Omega 4.1L 250 I6

This is my most favorite of the several cars that I've had

83 words, 1 comment


Good dependable transportation


Omega 250 L6

Born To Be Beat on

203 words


Omega Sedan 4 door 350 V8 "Gold Rocket"

My twin daughters will own this with pride, as I did with the remodeled Camaro my dad helped me with

96 words, 35 comments

Omega BB2DRCoupe 5.7

One of a kind

91 words, 22 comments