8th Oct 2006, 15:33

I also own a '71 Nova and a '73 Omega. The Oldsmobile is by far the better of the two. I love my Nova, but there are so many, that it has taken a back seat to the rareness of the Omega. The grille is not ugly, it's different. And our whole family loves it. Oldsmobile will never die.

9th Oct 2006, 08:10

"Oldsmobile will never die."


1st Nov 2006, 09:35

I just purchased a 1973 oldsmobile omega and I love it... the grille is beautiful.. the body shape is oh so hot. by the way I'm a 52 yr old woman with a little muscle now so watch out.

10th Dec 2006, 18:03

The worst car I ever owned. You name it, it went wrong. I finally left it on the side of the freeway one afternoon, took a bus home and never saw it again. The reason you never see any of these cars on the road anymore is because they're all in the junkyard where they belong.

4th Jul 2007, 03:19

I just got a '73 Omega. I need a right side grille and some parts. I love the car. Can anyone help??? (dori413@cox.net)

8th Jul 2007, 22:37

I have THREE '73 Omegas. What do you need?


This is one that I'll never sell!

15th Aug 2007, 23:36

My first car was a 73 omega and would love to have one again. And I agree, the grille is way better than the nova.

29th Nov 2007, 23:13

I just got my Omega, I'm in love. Nothing like the feel of an Oldsmobile.

3rd Feb 2008, 22:01

I owned a 1973 Omega from new and drove till 1992. I would like to see some of the new ones last that long. I had minor problems. 19 years. I loved the car, but no place or cash to restore. I put 132000 miles on it. One of the most dependable cars I ever owned. Wish I still owned it. I have 1971 Cutlass that I restored after my father gave it to me when he passed away in 1994. Two door hardtop cutlass s bucket seats red with a black vinyl top 350 rocket. This olds is never leaving me. Joe Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

23rd Feb 2008, 10:25

I have had my 73 Omega for about six years. It was my first car and my dad gave it to me; it's awesome.

Someone ran a stop and hit me in the side of the car, and spun me around. Then I got it all fixed up and a paint job.

Then around christmas I was on the freeway and had a tire blow out; that messed up my car again.

It never ends with that car, but I will never get rid of it; it's been good to me and every one always tries to buy it from me. It's a great car.


10th Mar 2008, 20:09

I bought a 74 Omega around 84. It had about 13,000 miles on it. I drove it for about 10 years putting on another 110,000 miles. I had no problems and never touched the engine. It was the best car I ever owned, and still own.

9th Jun 2008, 23:34

I just bought a 1973 Omega, and I can't find an owners manual for it, so if someone has one or knows where I can get one, let me know. I'm located in Southern California, so somewhere near would help. (2fivebs@sbcglobal.net)

Thank you.

16th Aug 2008, 18:51

I think Omegas are sweet. I can't believe anyone in would think that a Nova's grill is nicer. Hmmmmm, maybe it's just what they see all the time, that's why they like them.

8th May 2009, 10:32

I just bought my 1974 Omega! So excited! But I've been looking for body parts, like emblems, tail lights, all interior (minus dash) and perhaps fiberglass hatch and hood. However, this is my first resto project and I'm kinda lost on where to look... if you have any good leads, PLEASE email me at tomato57soup@gmail.com Thank you! By the way, love the car, it's got a 454 in it with a 350 turbo trans and Hurst shifter...:)

20th Aug 2009, 15:32

I have a 73 omega hatchback that is getting a "HOT" 455. It is a factory air car and is being converted to an S model car with rally side view mirrors, bucket seats and a 4 speed. Did I forget to mention that I own two NIB (OEM) tint (camper) package.

If some one needs parts I have many donor cars!!!



8th Sep 2009, 19:15

This is to the guy that said everything went wrong with his Omega. I bought my 74 Omega when it was 10 years old, and it had about 15,000 miles on it. I drove it for ten years, putting on another 100,000 or so. And I was in my late teens, so you can guess how I drove it. The biggest thing I did to it, outside of oil changes, was change the fuel filter.

One time I let it overheat. It got so hot it shut off... Never hurt it, just put some water in and took off. Just finished restoring it about a year ago, look for it on cardomain.com. Look for railguys Omega.

17th Sep 2009, 15:42

Hi I just got my 1973 Olds Omega, and I love it. It is all original, but the engine has been rebuilt and it has about 15000 miles on it.

It needs a little body work that I'm doing now, and then I'm going to paint it metallic silver and it has black interior with bucket seats...

I'm loving this car, and it goes like a monster. I can't believe how strong it is, and I love the grill a lot more than the Nova. That, and it is the hatchback, so it is that much cooler...

I love my car, and I would love to hear about people that have them too, and where to get parts for them, so hit me up, thanx a lot, Rob.


Talk to you soon...

7th Feb 2011, 05:04

I got my 1973 Omega about 4 months ago, and I think that they have pretty sweet grilles, but Novas are sick too though, but if I had to pick between an Omega or a Nova, I would still go with the Omega, because not only are their front ends sicker, but I live in the biggest city in Montana, and I see different Novas all the time, and I have seen a couple of Ventures, but I have never seen another Omega around anywhere.

16th Feb 2013, 13:05

I have a 73 Omega that I'm almost done restoring. I still need a set of tail lights and a grille. If anyone has one for sale, could you email me your # so I could contact you.

THANKS. galenboden@gmail.com

6th Sep 2013, 18:59

I have a 1973 Omega, and I need a good hatchback lid. Do you have one rust free?

23rd Sep 2014, 05:56

Hi my name is Mike. I would like to buy one of those camper tents. I am currently restoring a 73 hatch. My phone # 1 604 719 2232. Email mikesonmitchell@yahoo.com


23rd Sep 2014, 06:00

Who can tell me a good place to buy body parts, dash, seat cover and other little trinkets for my 73 hatch I'm restoring?

23rd Sep 2014, 13:16

Ever heard of eBay?

20th May 2015, 04:02

I'm restoring a '73 hatchback in southern California and need a hatchback lid. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know.

Jay, jaynraen2@cox.net