Breeze Base 2.0L 4 cylinder

Good around town car, but it got scary on the highway

256 words

Breeze 2.0

This is a poorly put together car

365 words

Breeze Base 2.0


167 words

Breeze Expresso 4.0 Liter

Not spectacular, but reliable

30 words

Breeze 2.0

64 words

Breeze 2.4

Great car

88 words


Not worth putting money into

177 words, 2 comments

Breeze 2.4 liter

Piece of junk

178 words

Breeze Expresso 2.4

I'm considering my options for a new car

128 words, 1 comment

Breeze 2.4

Best car I've ever owned, and I wish they still made them!!!

76 words


186,000 miles and still running good!

45 words

Breeze 2.0L 4 cylinder

This is a very nice car, inexpensive to run, its very reliable and doesn't need much repairs

205 words

Breeze 2.0

I absolutely got a great deal when I bought this one!

81 words

Breeze Expresso 2.0

Not so good

156 words

Breeze Expresso 2.4L I4 DOHC

Safe, reliable, cheap

339 words

Breeze 2.4 4 cylinder

This car is attractive, roomy, comfortable, reliable, and economically friendly

97 words, 2 comments


A Lemon, don't even try buying one

51 words, 2 comments

Breeze Expresso 2.4L I4 DOHC

An excellent car, excluding its faulty head gasket

116 words

Breeze Expresso 2.4L

SELL, SELL, SELL this car!

163 words, 5 comments

Breeze 2.0L

Very good and reliable

75 words


Roomy, comfortable, and reliable

37 words

Breeze 2.4 liter

Great Car!!!

153 words

Breeze 2.4 liter

Never Own another Plymouth Breeze

80 words

Breeze Base 2.0 I-4

It is a rock

77 words

Breeze 2.0 Liter


204 words, 2 comments


Don't waste your time or your money

227 words, 13 comments

Breeze 2.0

A great car before 100,000 miles

364 words, 1 comment

Breeze 2.6L

Good value, if you are an above novice mechanic

159 words, 4 comments

Breeze 2.4

The price of the car reflects how much you'll have to put into it

98 words

Breeze 2.0

Overall I am satisfied

466 words

Breeze 2.4

Great comfort, but at a huge cost!

144 words, 72 comments


Overall, it has been a much better vehicle than I have owned in the past

242 words

Breeze LX 2.0

Overall I'm happy with my car for the time being, but I wouldn't buy another Plymouth

57 words

Breeze 2.0

A great deal for the price

79 words