Laser RS (non-turbo) FWD 2.0L

327 words

Laser RS 2.0 turbo

A great car for a backyard mechanic to dink around with

228 words

Laser 1.8

A great, reliable, first car for a first time driver!

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Laser RS 2.0L

Great car if you don't get ripped off.

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Laser RS 2.0

I wouldn't recommend it beyond 50K miles

127 words

Laser RS 4 cylinder

It is the car you wish was still around!!!

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Laser RS 2 Liter non-turbo DOHC

91 words

Laser RS 2.0 liter

Love my "new" Laser!

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Laser RS 2.0dohc turbo

I would recommend this car for anyone that likes power and speed that has money to do something

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Laser RS 2.0Litre DualOverhead Cam 4cyllinder 16v

An awful car that was an albatross

86 words


The best deal I ever made!

71 words

Laser RS 2.0 DOHC

The Laser is the best car I have owned

51 words


It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy

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Laser RS 2.0 turbo

An excellent car for the price

164 words

Laser RS 2.0 liter

Loved it while it lasted!

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Laser RS 2.0

Love it don't love the dealership

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Laser RS Turbo 2.0L turbo

A beautiful budget sports car

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Laser 1.8L Non-turbo

The Plymouth Laser has its ups and downs

140 words

Laser 1.8

I LOVE this car!

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Laser RS 16v DOHC non turbo

Fast and furious, great and reliable

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Laser RS 2.0

I don't need a Porsche, I have a Laser!

41 words


I love this car

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Laser RS 2.0

I will never sell or get rid of this car

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