Sundance 4 cylinder

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One of the best and fun car to drive

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Sundance 4 Dr 2.2 Litre

Nice and reliable

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Sundance 2.2 liter

Very fun to drive

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Sundance America

It got me where I had to go most of the time, but it wasn't always a pleasant journey

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Sundance Duster 6 cylinder

I loved it and don't want to part with it

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Sundance 2.2

It has been a pretty reliable car... no complaints, really

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Sundance America 4 cylinder

Very high performance bargain

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Sundance America 2.2

This is the ultimate beater car or first car for a kid

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Sundance America 2.2

Should be avoided at all costs

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Sundance 2.2 liter

Good car, bad engine

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Sundance 4 door hb 2.5 4 cylinder

Great for beginners

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Sundance Base 2.2

Good project car for mechanics

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Sundance America 2.2 Liter 4 Cylinder

Fun Economical Car

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