1995 Plymouth Voyager reviews from North America

Voyager LE 3.3

The car has a very good engine, but everything else is fair to poor

227 words, 1 comment

Voyager 3.0L V6

This car rocks and I just got it at the wrong time

92 words

Voyager SE 3.3 V6 Gas Engine

My Voyager is a great van!

107 words

Voyager 3.0L Mitsubishi V6

A small van that inspires little emotion

66 words, 1 comment

Voyager SE

Voyager SE 3.3 V6

A good used van

337 words, 1 comment

Voyager Grand LE

This car is a manufacturing and financial disaster

Voyager Base 3.0L V6

A van that won't let you forget that it IS a van

125 words, 2 comments