2004 Pontiac Aztek reviews from North America


Love it

Aztek 3.4 V6

The most versatile car I've ever owned

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Not an aztec... more like need a tech!!

Aztek Versatrek V6

Fantastic... Wish they still made em!

46 words


Great vehicle... bad repairs

Aztek 1SC Rally Edition 3.4L gas

It's the most beautiful car I've ever seen, driven and owned

81 words, 6 comments


Funky Design - Great Car

Aztek 3.4L

The Aztek is the third ugliest car on the road with too many maintenance problems

170 words, 16 comments

Aztek AWD

Aztek AWD 3.4 Gas

Exceptional Value! Great car

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Aztek FWD V6

The best SUV on the market for the price

45 words, 2 comments