25th Jan 2007, 12:44

Two ends to a spectrum...



This monstrosity.

25th Jan 2007, 17:39

Oh, this review is serious?

The only thing uglier is the Ssangyong Rodius.

4th Feb 2007, 12:57

Try looking at a 2004 Pontiac Aztek Rally and a host of the new SUV's like the Lexus, Nissan Murano and even the 2007 CRV.

Don't those new SUV's look oddly familiar. Oh, which ugly SUV were we talking about by the way? Maybe I need to have my eyes examined. But, bottomline is, I am sooooo grateful to all the people to have been bashing the Aztek, but never really drove one. They were instrumental in bringing the price of this incredibly fine vehicle within my reach. Thank you. Now I know that Azteks open their lights automatically at dusk. Can your SUV do that very simple thing?

29th Mar 2007, 23:19

I was driving my Aztek along the freeway at a cozy 55mph. That was the posted speed limit there since there were a lot of road construction going on along that stretch. It was uneventful when a car suddenly went past me on my right side (probably doing 70mph) and cut in front of me. He miscalculated and had his rear passenger door within inches of my headlights. I immediately swerved hard to the left to prevent him from clipping my front right side. Thanks to the Aztek's traction control and ABS, I got out of that one with just a thin graze line on the right front side of the wraparound bumper armor. I quickly got back up to speed and was soon chasing that lunatic down the highway. He bugged out and headed for the nearest exit when he saw my Aztek careening towards him at 110mph within 10 seconds from 40mph. He was probably one of those Aztek haters on this site... same know-it-all clowns who never really drove an Aztek.

13th Jan 2017, 04:56

I don't find the Aztek quite as ugly as everyone makes it out to be. But the claim that it's the first crossover is patently false.