2004 Pontiac Aztek from North America


Great vehicle... bad repairs


Just recently had to have the front driver's side wheel bearings replaced.

Have gone through 3 sets of rear brakes since buying the vehicle.

Seats stain very easily.

My radio was defective...wouldn't hold stations in memory.

General Comments:

I love the SUV. I'm just very disappointed by the problems listed above that I've had with it. I attributed it to a poor dealership since it was a "pre-owned" guaranteed vehicle.

Luckily I was smart enough to purchase the extended warranty which covered the radio and bearings.

Gas mileage is decent.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

2004 Pontiac Aztek 1SC Rally Edition 3.4L gas from North America


It's the most beautiful car I've ever seen, driven and owned


None yet.

General Comments:

This car rocks:

Quick acceleration.

Great gas mileage 24-27 mpg combined city/highway.

Smooth & comfortable ride...won't feel the bumps.

Enough gadgetry to make even 007 and Batman proud.

Huge cargo space... try 4 X 8 plywood slabs.

Safe as a Volvo.

Versatile...it's a car, it's a mini-cargo van, it's a mini-RV with the.

Tent package...world's first TRUE CROSSOVER.

Cheap to buy because people keep saying it's ugly. These are the same people who drive SUV's that are soooo BLAH.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2007

25th Jan 2007, 12:15

You're right, it WAS the world's first crossover, and they ARE great vehicles. What matters is that YOU are happy with it. They are very high-quality and versatile vehicles with the awesome reliability and build quality of GM. Congrats on a great vehicle!!

25th Jan 2007, 12:42

You've only had this car for a little over 200 miles. I would not rate the reliability just yet. Mine was the MOST unreliable vehicle I have ever owned. The A/C system was by far the worst. Constant attention, replacing, and suffering of stinkyness. The next was the transmission, always something not right about it. Fuel pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, fan bearings, heater core, the controlls, power locks fell in, power windows don't always work, etc etc etc etc etc.

I luckily dumped it at 41,000 miles to a person that was running an impact test for new highway barriers. I was happy the thing was out of my hair, and that I got to watch it get munched.

2004 Pontiac Aztek from North America


Funky Design - Great Car


At this point nothing has gone wrong with this car. It seems to be a very good car. I am sure keeping up the regular maintainance will help in preventing most problems.

General Comments:

Many people have commented on the design of the Aztek. I was looking at a number of cars that are in the same "range" as the Aztek. I noticed that the main difference was that they were all (I mean all!) round in the back. It made them all look very much the same. Then looking at the Aztek I could the appreciate its design. I don't find it ugly at all.

What I have found is that it is choc-filled with some very nice features. Yes, I like the cooler everyone jokes about. I also enjoy the stereo system that is in our car. The feature that quiets the stereo when the car is not moving. I enjoy the ease in which my satillite radio is going to go into this car. I enjoy the room and the quiet ride.

Overall this is a nice car with a funky design. I really hope the at some point GM and Pontiac bring back the Aztek.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2006

2004 Pontiac Aztek 3.4L from North America


The Aztek is the third ugliest car on the road with too many maintenance problems


Numerous exterior lights have burned out.

Interior light for the passenger temperature control has failed.

The seats are easily stained and require constant cleaning. Just spilling water on the seat will leave a stain.

At 52,000 miles the left front wheel bearing needed to be replaced and then at 53,000 miles the right front wheel bearing needed to be replaced. This was done at a cost of $240.00 each. The dealership would have done each side for only $480.00.

The aluminum wheels frequently throw a weight. I have the upgrade 17" wheels that require the weights to be "glued" onto the inside of the wheel.

Unless you replace the tires with Goodyear Fortera tires you are very limited as to the make of tires you can choose for replacement as few manufacturers make such a size.

General Comments:

I enjoy driving the car. The ride is good.

There is adequate power and the versatility of the vehicle is good.

I frequently joke regarding my $20,000 cooler that came with a free car.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2006

27th Feb 2006, 18:11

I have to say I think the Ssangyong Rodius has to be THE ugliest car on the planet. It looks like the Aztek's father. I've never seen one in person, but the pictures are bad enough.

28th Feb 2006, 13:24

The Aztek is the ugliest vehicle made this century, with the Honda element being a close second.