Fiero SE 2.8

Handles like a Ferrari, and is fun as heck to drive!

317 words, 5 comments

Fiero SE 2m4 2.5 liter 4 cylinder

The Fiero is a great bargain

157 words, 1 comment

Fiero GT 2.8

Love this car

93 words, 1 comment

Fiero GT 2.8 V6

A poorly executed and failed attempt to compete with the Toyota MR2

210 words

Fiero GT 2.8L V6

This is just the start of my journey with this car I have always wanted, I will try to keep informed

396 words

Fiero 2m4 2.5

Pretty on the surface, but a mechanical nightmare under its skin

301 words

Fiero SE 2.5LT

Tons of fun!!!

77 words

Fiero 2m4

A big disappointment.period

162 words, 1 comment

Fiero Coupe 4 cylinder

A sleeper of a sports car right now, that a select group are aware of

188 words

Fiero SE 2.8L V6

Handling, Looks, and American Torque!

106 words, 3 comments

Fiero Sport Coupe 2.5L

A real exotic looking Chevette!

127 words

Fiero 2M4 2.5 I4

Great Value

124 words, 4 comments

Fiero GT 2.8L

Great fun car that still catches eyes

154 words

Fiero GT 2.9L MPFI V-6

Built right, an inexpensive but world-class sports car

505 words

Fiero GT 2.8 V6

A small price for a small car

141 words

Fiero 2m4 2.8 L

This car is fun

65 words

Fiero GT 6 cylinder

My Fiero GT is a keeper!

54 words, 1 comment

Fiero GT 2.8 liter

Great looks, great style, great value, the FIERO!!!

203 words

Fiero GT V6 2.6L(?)

Very cute and sporty

179 words, 14 comments

Fiero SE V-6 2.8 efi

Awesome car, 120 mph+

30 words

Fiero GT 6 cyl

Bring back the Fiero GT

108 words, 7 comments