Firebird V6

Great car, I'll miss it!

153 words, 6 comments

Firebird Trans Am 5.0L 4bbl

Driving excitement like a kid going to a candy store

133 words, 3 comments

Firebird Trans Am 305 V8 4bbl

A beautiful car that is getting more scarce

130 words

Firebird Base 2.8 V6

Don't drive em in snow unless you like ditches

177 words

Firebird 5.0

Throws you back in your seat

198 words, 3 comments

Firebird 2.8L V6 Manual

Excellent choice for a vehicle

169 words

Firebird 2.8L V6

A sporty gem, this one's a triumph during warmer weather

186 words, 1 comment

Firebird 5.0 tpi

Buy one and it will be the only car you'll ever wanna drive

177 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.0 Tuned Port Injection

A Corvette with room for four

54 words, 2 comments

Firebird S/E 2.8 V6

A very High performance beast

138 words, 1 comment

Firebird Base 2.8V6

A good car for the price

41 words

Firebird 2.8 V6

Once in a lifetime car

163 words, 3 comments

Firebird 2.8 V6

Dream Car

104 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.0

Frigging great!!!

41 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.0L 305 4bbl

Best car I've ever owned, period

110 words

Firebird Trans Am 305 Tuned Port

Fun car, great styling, just need to be faster so it will beat some stangs!

102 words

Firebird S/E '91 5.7 Formula

A one of a kind high performance thrill

131 words

Firebird Trans Am 350 with one size larger cam

A high performance, eat up all those other cars, a beast

53 words

Firebird 5.0 305

The car looks and performs awesome

33 words, 4 comments

Firebird SHTR 305

A high performance piece of crap (and a bargain too)!

134 words