Firebird Trans Am 5.7L OHV V8

A true muscle car for the enthusiast and mechanically inclined

747 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7L OHV V8

True American Muscle

271 words

Firebird Formula 5.7L V8

Best bang for your buck, reliable and fast muscle car

699 words

Firebird Formula 5.7 LT1

Temperamental girlfriend

218 words, 1 comment

Firebird Convertible 3.4

A Firebird is only as good as the driver who is supposed to care for it

224 words

Firebird Base 3.4L

NOT that fast, NOT that furious, NOT really worth it

193 words, 2 comments

Firebird 2 door coupe 6 cylinder


61 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7 350ci

Best car in its class for its time

43 words, 2 comments

Firebird base 3.4

Sports car without paying a sports car price

245 words

Firebird 3.4L V6

Beautiful sleek machine!

81 words

Firebird 3.4L V6

My best friend

175 words

Firebird Formula Convertible 5.7 Liter LT1

A low- flying aircraft!

90 words, 3 comments

Firebird Formula 5.7 LT1

This car is a dream come true

239 words, 4 comments

Firebird Trans Am 5.7 350cid

This Trans Am offers the most bang for the buck

70 words


Beauty, but high maintenance

227 words, 1 comment

Firebird Formula V8 3.57

This car is truly always a work in progress!

141 words, 2 comments

Firebird Trans Am 350 5.7 V8

A god damn sexy missile

73 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7 LT1

An extremely fast chick magnet

275 words, 1 comment

Firebird t/a 5.7 LT1

Should have bought a Ford

65 words, 7 comments

Firebird SRS 3.4 liter

Red, hot, and fast as hell!

31 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7L V8, pushrod engine

Awesome fun!... and fast!

141 words, 5 comments

Firebird Trans Am 5.7 L LT1

A great looking car with incredible power, at a decent price

207 words, 4 comments

Firebird Coupe

Well built American sports car, just needs better performance for a 3.4 V6

126 words, 4 comments