Firefly Base Model 1 litre

I love this little car

35 words

Firefly LSI Convertible

Does a great 180, is very economical, easy to park, and the convertibles are fun, fun, fun

339 words

Firefly Sport 1.0 3 cylinder

Small car, big ideas

229 words, 8 comments

Firefly 4 door 1.0 litre

The country should be flooded with them

232 words

Firefly 1.0

Outstanding car when used with care

96 words

Firefly LE 1.0

It was a great little car

74 words

Firefly 4 dr hatch 1.0L

The best mini car ever built.

364 words, 6 comments

Firefly LE 1.0L gas

A true bargain for the tight of budget

64 words

Firefly 1.0L 3 cylinder Suzuki

The best small car you can buy

142 words

Firefly LE 1.0 gas

Best bang for a cheap buck!

97 words, 3 comments


Good cheap lower performance car

188 words


Great little car

41 words, 5 comments