G6 SE 3.5 V6


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G6 4 door non GT 3.5

Golly gee, this car sucks

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G6 Base 4 cylinder

Would not suggest to anyone

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G6 GTP 3.6 V6

Nice luxury and performance car

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G6 2.4 Ecotec

Good styling, good price, good reliability

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Nice on the outside, cheaply put together - buyer beware!

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Would not buy a G6 again!!!

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G6 GT 3.5

Buy it for the looks, keep it for the MPGs

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Great new design... just what consumers needed

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G6 GT 3.5

The Pontiac G6 GT is a car for people who want a sporty ride, while not giving up comfort

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G6 V6 3.5

I am so glad I chose this car

83 words, 4 comments


This is a very sleek, nice car for the money

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G6 Value Leader BASE 2.4 liter - 4 cylinder

Take me to your Value Leader!

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G6 6-cylinder 3.5L V6

Great bang for the buck with style

63 words

G6 GTP 3.9L V6

The G6 GTP is the best bang for the buck

128 words

G6 GT 3.5

A truly amazing car

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G6 4Dr GT 3.5L

This is a great car and fun to drive!

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G6 GT 3.5 V6


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