21st Jul 2009, 18:19

Don't buy this car. Mine has given me more problems than benefits.

When it rains, the trunk gets filled with water thus for mold.

My transmission slips, god only knows why.

My air conditioning works when it wants to, mind you I live in Florida.

The check engine light is constantly on, it's because of a broken sensor in the car, thanks Pontiac.

My CD player only reads CDs if I turn off the car, insert the disc, and turn on the car.

There is this awkward rattling sound when the air conditioning comes on, it sounds like a dying mouse. Bottom line, I can see why Pontiac is going out of business, more power to them!

24th Aug 2009, 07:26

I have a G6 with 71800KM on it, and we have had to replace the steering dampener as well as the sway bar linkages.

I still have a squeak in the suspension that I can't figure out of the life of me... I took to GM and they say that there was nothing wrong. I took it to a mechanic, but they wouldn't take the time to look at it properly... I have been told to spray down all the pivot points of the suspension with brake fluid to try to stop the squeak.. I know I'm not the only G6 with this problem.. There is a G6 Coupe that is driving around my town with the exact same squeak.

Never again will I buy domestic! Watch out Honda, here I come!!!

26th Aug 2009, 14:52

We bought our 06 Pontiac G6 2 yrs ago and now have noticed the last couple of weeks, that we have a puddle in the back passenger side. I thought the first time I must have left the window open. The second time I blamed the kids, but after the third time happening I knew for sure there was no window open. I have read a lot of posts that this is an issue with the sunroof drain tubes. What I don't understand, I haven't found any recall on this. Our warranty just expired so we won't be covered. This is so frustrating!

8th Jul 2010, 09:57

I just purchased a 2006 Pontiac G6 GT with 45000 miles on it.

Since I got it, I have replaced the sway bars and linkage. I have a clunking sound in the steering wheel, which I was told to ignore, and that it could take a year for it to go out. Well it is getting worse, and it has only been a month.

The power steering light has came on. The drain tubes for the sunroof were leaking all in my back seat and down into my seat belts. Thankfully my mechanic felt sorry for me and only charged me $20 to fix that. Now I am looking at $900 to fix the steering column by putting a kit into the steering column to take up the space which is there.

So on top of everything I have said here, it is time for oil change, brakes and I have come to the conclusion I should have kept my Silverado...

8th Aug 2011, 22:43

Only months after purchasing our brand new 2006 Pontiac G6 in August 2005, it saw a dealership 7 times. After the initial bad year of ownership, it has performed great.

A year ago, the tail lights went out. We replaced the fuse and things were well for 6 months. The tail light fuse blew again and again. Decided to bring back to a dealership. Seven days and over $400 later, they couldn't find the problem. They bypassed the issue by adding an inline fuse. This got the car back on the road, but I have to repair the dome light now.

Rack and pinion was changed with faulty parts, then by a replacement part.

Sun roof had a faulty stop position fixed, which kept it from closing.

Front strut always squeaked.

Sun visors were replaced 4 times. Last replacement doesn't include slide out sun blockers.

Radio changed out once.

Seat stitching separated, seat was replaced.

Side view mirror control replaced ($50 cost with my labor).

Rare starting issue that seems to be associated with low fuel quality. Trans filter and oil changed, now it shifts hard into second gear, until the transmission warms up.

Good news... Roomy interior, powerful V6 engine, and gets 33 mpg.

7th Sep 2011, 11:55

Did you ever have the sunroof tubes checked/repair, curious - as I'm now having the same problems with puddles of water in the rear passenger floor.

20th Feb 2012, 18:45

Here is the link to fix the leaking tubes in the roof.


11th Aug 2014, 17:29

OK, so here is what I found out about the chirping noise coming from the suspension. It is coming from an emergency brake cable bracket. Take the driver's side back tire off. Look for a bracket or clip that holds your emergency cable to the frame. If it squeaks when you move it, try tightening the nuts on the bracket and use lots of grease to lubricate it to stop the chirping noise. Hope this helps. I have a 2009 G6.