Grand Prix GT 3.8

Like Christine, it refuses to die

302 words

Grand Prix GT2 3.8LV6

Was great, now it's okay...

365 words

Grand Prix GT 3.8 Series III


111 words

Grand Prix

66 words

Grand Prix GTP 3.8L supercharged

Overall it's a very nice car

49 words

Grand Prix GTP comp G 3.8 V6 S/C

A flying lemon..

149 words, 5 comments

Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged V6

Very nice, but need to resurrect the 2 door coupe

146 words

Grand Prix GT2 3.8 series 3

The Pontiac Grand Prix and the sticker price both pack a punch

89 words

Grand Prix GT2 3.8 Liter

Handles great, comfortable ride, easy to clean and detail, fast!

91 words

Grand Prix GT 3.8 Liter

Very well equipped and comfortable! Worth every penny!

204 words, 1 comment

Grand Prix GT2 3.8

The best car I've ever owned

26 words

Grand Prix GT2

Too many problems

230 words, 2 comments

Grand Prix GTP w/Comp Group 3.8 Supercharged

Wonderful performance sedan that did not forget the family

57 words

Grand Prix 3.8

Best car I have ever had

38 words

Grand Prix SE2 Base

Bad brakes

354 words, 11 comments

Grand Prix GTP Comp G Supercharged 3.8L

Excllent styling, handling and performance

150 words

Grand Prix GT2 3.8 series III V6

Styled like no other car on the road

295 words

Grand Prix GT II 3.8 V6.


94 words

Grand Prix GT1 3.8

Needs more refinement for the price

701 words, 20 comments

Grand Prix GT2 3.8L 3.8 V6

One HOT car!!!

130 words, 1 comment

Grand Prix GTP w/Comp G 3.8L Supercharged

A perfect blend of sports car with family car

112 words