6th Mar 2010, 19:30

2004 Grand Prix. Had my gauges just stop working once. Had to shut the car off and restart it twice to get them to work again!!

And recently I noticed the car was over heating when I was around the corner from my house. Got home and the car had antifreeze all over the engine, so I'm not very happy with this car. Bought it used this year, it's my first car, I guess that's what I get for buying a GM product.

30th Apr 2010, 16:42

I own a 2004 Pontiac GP GT2. Purchased on Veterans day 2003. Currently 160,000 highway miles and no problems as described above.

I did have a power steering pump get noisy; I had it replaced at GM. They did not warranty the part as it was working. It was determined to be broken plastic pump impellers, however, it was still not warrantied. Go figure. I was mad a hell.

Overall, the car has been good and reliable, no real outstanding issues or annoying squeaks.

To the post concerning noisy and vibrating wheels, especially on turns, have the constant velocity (CV) joints checked.

28th May 2010, 00:23

I bought my 2004 GP GT1 in Feb this year, and I use it to deliver in.

I've put 6500 miles on it so far (only 4 months, constant around-town driving and Oklahoma roads, down 2 miles of dirt road to my dad's house... anyone familiar with rural Oklahoma will agree that this spells death for any vehicle) running full synthetic for the last 4000 or so.

I put all new tires on it, because when I bought it, they were all different ones and it really really annoyed me. Since then, it has been even more stable at speed (100mph cruising) than my dad's Grand Cherokee. It's like floating; the controls are great, even when I blew a flat.

Little stuff was busted when I got it, such as the freakin AC vents... poor design, in my opinion, but the PO superglued them in one position.. and that position blows on my ear, giving me a headache. Which sucks.

I absolutely love this car, however, and the only reason I would ever get rid of it is because I'm building me a 67 Mustang, and can't move across the country with 2 cars. If I could, though, everything I own could fit in the Grand Prix, and then some. I fit 4 drunk friends in the trunk recently.

Most of what's gone wrong has been entirely my fault, like locking my keys in the car, attempting to press the open button with a coat hanger, and then bending the door enough to make the window screech when it rolls up or down.

I burnt out a fuse when I was replacing the overhead light, and I've not got it fixed yet, out of laziness. Nothing serious, though, and I am proud to say I am NOT a GM guy, FORD all the way, and I do acknowledge the awesomeness of this car.

I wish the front seats were as comfy as the back, though, cuz driving all day sometimes makes my back ache.

GREAT car though, I love it.

25th Jun 2010, 12:55

I have a 2004 GTP Comp Group. The car is the best car I ever bought. Little details to fix, but a fast V6 engine. Some V8s are too slow for this car.

28th Jun 2010, 11:45

I bought my 04 GTP in January 2008. It runs great, and I have had minimal problems.

My biggest complaint is the way it wears the rear tires. They are cupped and very noisy. This is the second set of tires I have had this problem with. I had the car aligned and was told I shouldn't have any more problems, but it is still doing it.

The car also seems to be getting very "loose" in the front end and is not as much fun to drive as it once was.

By the way, it now has 130,000 miles on it.

Anyone have any ideas about my tire wear?

15th Aug 2010, 22:20

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT2 with 135,000 miles, I have owned it for almost two months now.

In week 2 of owning this thing, the service light came on and would kick itself out of traction control and drive at decreased engine power. 1100 bucks later, with a fixed Solenoid and transmission wiring harness fixed, it runs fine now.

It has a new problem now. When going to start you have to give it a tap on the gas to get it running. I believe it's something with the ignition, I'm not as pleased with GM calling these things wide-track, seeing as to how you can barely come around a corner at 40 MPH without having to brake.

I still proudly own a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix, running at 190,000 miles, no engine replacement, no trans replacement, although the trans has a shift kit in it, this car performs like hell maintained to the best considering I'm the 3rd owner. But I've never been let down by this car, I should have continued to drive this instead of buying the 04.

6th Nov 2010, 22:17

2004 Grand Prix stalling at startup, must tap the gas to keep it running. Easy fix; take air intake off throttle body and clean inside the throttle body. The butterfly in there gets stuck closed with all the black gunk inside. Did mine; never had a problem again.

27th Feb 2011, 16:25

I bought a 04 Gran Prix GT and am having a problem starting up the engine. I have to give it lots of gas and it is very annoying, also having trouble with it running hot, and losing antifreeze, maybe I need water pump?

Another problem is it leaks water on the passenger side floor, does anybody have answers... Please help.

14th Jul 2016, 04:09

I bought a 2004 GT2 with 118,000 miles on it. Let me give everyone some advice, this is for everyone who complains about their car.

First, when you're looking to buy a car, research it, see what experts have to say, take it for a long ride and see if you like the performance, COMFORT, and reliability. Don't just buy a car, do your research, people are complaining about the stupidest stuff.

I love my car, it rides awesome, and I know I got a good car because I took it for a long ride and beat the crap out of it, and I took it to a mechanic to have it checked out. Not every car is going to run perfect, it doesn't happen, just do a little research and have your mechanic look at it, and you'll be happy; just don't buy a car, then cry after you get it. I have never bought a car and regretted it, because I did my home work; be patient, it will be worth it.