All around EXCELLENT van in my opinion

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Montana EX

Overall, I am very disappointed with this vehicle

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Montana V6

I love this van, and would probably buy a newer model if I ever had the money to

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I love this vehicle and would buy another

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I will buy from Pontiac in the future, if they update it a little from the version I have

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Shame on you Pontiac

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Montana EXT 3.4L

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Pontiac makes vehicles that are affordable to buy, but very costly to maintain

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Buy under 120K!

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Montana V6

American junk plastic with a little bit of iron

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Not worth spending your money on with so many repairs having to be done so soon

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Montana Van 3.4

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Montana Extended 3.4 gas

Do not buy it Lemon!

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Ugly, but Reliable

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Montana EX

Poor quality, don't buy one

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Montana V6

Cheap, flimsy play toy. Not for adults who need transportation. Good car for a teenager to trash!

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Montana 3.4

I love the Montana, looks great and rides very well!

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Montana LX

Maintenance nightmare and GM leaves you hanging

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Montana EWB 3.4

Poor Quality

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Very poor vehicle!

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Montana 3.4 ltr

I said I would never buy a van, and I have one and I love it!

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Montana V6

Good van overall

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Montana Ext. V6 3.4L

The worst experiences ever in the history of automobile

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Montana GT 3.4


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Montana 3.4 Liter

A real electrical nightmare

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Montana LX 3.4

Avoid buying, even with low miles

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Montana 3.4

Good looks, but will cost you..

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The jury is still out, but not hopeful

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Montana EX 3.4 V6

Average van

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Looks like a lemon so far

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