8th May 2011, 16:11

If you are driving a Chevy Lumina van, you are driving a Montana with different body. They are mechanically the same van under the skin.

8th May 2011, 16:13

Just adding a ground wire to your tail lamp assembly will fix it ($5).

The wobble at low speed should be a bad tire. (twisted belt)

20th Nov 2011, 21:39

I have a 2002 Pontiac Montana. Don't buy one, it's nothing but junk. Bought it new in 2002, and now it has 165000 kms on it.

Have had multiple problems. Am now looking to buy a quality Toyota.

21st Nov 2011, 13:37

Multiple problems, but yet you kept it for 10 years and 165km? Good luck with that quality Toyota.

13th Mar 2012, 10:03

We have a 2000 Montana. Has anyone else had problems with the cruise control kicking in on its own? I have experienced this approximately a dozen times; usually when entering a major highway from an on ramp. The cruise has been in the 'on' position, but the resume had not been touched. My last experience was the same, only when I touched the brakes (several times), it did not shut off. It also did not shut off when I turned the cruise off. I had to pull over to the side of the road and hit the brakes quite hard to disable the cruise control. We have since removed the fuse.

19th Jan 2015, 22:32

I bought a used 2001 Montana in 2008 with 80K on it and my tranny went out at 105K - cost $2000.

Have the same problem, the vehicle accelerates when first put in drive. Have to "pop" it in neutral and come to a complete stop and the problem goes away.

They have replaced the manifold, tie rod, hub sensors, O2 sensor, water pump. Money pit, BIG TIME.

Parking assistance doesn't work, sliding door opens when trying to close the door, wipers only work sometimes.

AC (Dual) not working, replacement cost $2,300 with 1 year warranty.

So tired of this %$^& car, will get rid of it ASAP.

Engine pings loudly when cold.

Neighbour just had a water pump on similar model go, and the suggested replacement was 1500-2500 Canadian.

GM service rep didn't return my call until I advised the GM service QA caller that I would not ever buy another GM based on customer service to the service line alone.