6th Nov 2008, 19:02

I have a 2001 Montana Ext Van, bought it at 65.000mi. The dealer had to put 4000.00 in before delivering the van, from the A/C that broke twice, the starter, the air bag, wheel bearing, and now at 90.000 I've just put in a new tranny. Never I will buy a garbage motor, never.

8th Nov 2008, 16:03

I own a 2001 Montana that's the worst van I ever bought. My intake gasket went, the tranny is about to go, only 150,000 miles. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy that piece of junk.

19th Nov 2008, 12:01

I have a 2001 Montana and it has a number of problems:

- Manifold and exhaust problems of course

- Driver's side window, the linkage inside the door comes loose and falls out of place, can be fixed if you take the door apart and put it back in place.

- The Christmas tree tail light problem is the result of over heating that occurs in the tail light assembly, and on my van the ground pin had plastic melted onto it, and once I cleaned it up it has worked fine ever since, cost $0.

- I must have a sensor issue with one of my doors, because my interior lights are on all the time unless I turn them off with the override switch.

- I'm have the parking problem with the front wipers, I can adjust them somewhat myself but can't seem to get them back to normal yet. The rear wiper is seized and doesn't work.

- ABS light on all the time, told it is a bad sensor.

- My radiator support assembly has rusted out prematurely and will cost around $1200 to fix, not sure why this has happened.

19th Nov 2008, 23:21

I just bought a 2000 Pontiac Montana about a week ago, and already there is moisture in the oil, my heater blows cold air, my radio screen does not work, the traction NEVER worked, the car constantly over heats, the thermostat gage fluctuates too much, and lastly "I THINK"... the trunk will only open if you kick it hard enough.

3rd Dec 2008, 20:00

I did read all of the comments. What I've started to do, is I tell everybody that I know not to buy a Montana, hoping that the message will come true, and regarding your heating thermometer, I guess it's your motor gasket. Good luck.

23rd Dec 2008, 19:43

My 2001 Montana has just had the intake manifold gasket replaced; only cost me 900 dollars. My gas gauge needle has been bouncing around for about two years. Will I get the gauge fixed; no I'll run out of gas and my family can sue GM because I died in the snow.

18th Feb 2009, 08:53

Hi everyone. I have had my 99 Montana since 02, and I have got my hands on every fix it has needed. I have been lucky enough not to have had to do my intake gaskets (even though the chev olds dealer told me they were leaking back in 02. hm-mm) Primarily, I would like to clear the air on what I have learned about the wiper problem.

1. When they do not park, it is not electrical, not the wiper motor. If you have a condition where you have no pulse and no low speed wipers but high speed works, or a variation of this... you have a damaged circuit board in your wiper motor.

2. The park problem is caused for 1 reason (not snow) The crank arm is mounted on the wiper motor. Its purpose is to move the wiper rods back and forth via continuous rotation allowing wipers to move across the windshield. When wipers are turned off, the motor will reverse from the low position (position they are in when waiting to cycle again when it pulse mode) a spring loaded tab mounted under the crank arm, will hit against a post which is mounted to the main support for the wiper motor. As the motor continues to reverse, the crank arm spreads apart and causes the distance from the wiper rod and its mounting ball on the crank arm to increase. This is how the wipers tuck away when turned off. The spring on the tab will break or become weak. It is a pressed on spring steel component. You can't replace it or even order a new spring.

I have been working on a fix for over a year now and they work great. I use a good old fashioned contemporary spring attached to a welded, notch post, paint them FORD blue. (just to rub it into GM) Grease them up and off they go. They will never fail. The rest of the unit is bulletproof, it's just this flimsy spring.

My email is dangilkes@hotmail.com if you have more questions. I am in Ontario, Canada so not sure what it would cost for me to ship 1 to you, I sell them for 50 bucks installed up here and 40 for seniors. They all LOVE me for this fix. Good luck with your vans. Dan.

19th Feb 2009, 01:25

I bought my 2001 in Feb. 2006 with 67,000 miles. I feel very fortunate that I have only had a few problems.

1st, A/C condenser. replaced it myself at a cost of $165.00.

2nd, drivers window regulator. again fixed myself at $25.00.

3rd, outer tie rod, $125.00.

Last night I had to replace my water pump, $29.00. I'm not a mechanic but will always try to fix it myself before paying a shop. I seem to spend more time looking for the right tool than making the repairs.

By the way, my service engine light has been on since the day I bought the van and it has always passed the Missouri emission test. I ran the codes and got a p1404 (EGR valve) $87.00 part, but may be able to remove, clean and replace??? I have 113,000 miles on it now and it still looks and drives like new (KNOCK ON WOOD) by the way.

I traded in a 1997 Transport and the dealer called me 2 days later and told me the head gaskets on the 97 were blown. Good thing I stopped at Jiffy Lube on the way to trade it in!!! Keep fighting G.M. to get these problems resolved.

Bill in St Peters Missouri

18th Mar 2009, 17:53

I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana. My RPM is running high and it shifts hard. I took it to a transmission shop, and the transmission shop said internal electrical problem in transmission. So they rebuilt the transmission. But I still have to diagnostic codes showing up, they are the throttle position sensor, oil pressure, and cruise control I'm assuming this is an electrical problem? But where? Could it be an electrical problem in all three places? OH... if you're inquiring did the shifting gear problem stop after transmission replaced. YES! Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions!!


14th Apr 2009, 23:16

I have to echo ALL of the previous posts, bought 2001 Montana in July 08.

Head gaskets replaced in Jan09. Make sure mechanic checks heads for cracks and warpage. Our heads weren't cracked, but needed to be planed. According to mechanic, this looks like the second time around for gaskets.

ABS light is now a constant, almost reassuring companion. If the light doesn't come on, ABS pump comes on over bumps, while turning etc.-very disconcerting!

Power steering is making noise, there is a "bleeding" procedure that's in the Haynes manual that seems to help (there's a leak somewhere perhaps).

Sliding door power locks don't work, pass. side and rear window switches are now "dead".

Driver's door window is starting to "stall" halfway up and needs a shove to go completely up. Can't wait to see what breaks next...