14th Dec 2007, 08:59

GM has a Dexcool class action against them and they are going to settle. Go to the website and put your name on the list.

Girard Gibbs llp

601 California Street, Suite 1400

San Francisco, CA 94108

Phone: (415) 981-4800

Fax: (415) 981-4846


19th Dec 2007, 11:49

I have a 2001 Montana and I had the same problems with the tail/brake lights flashing like a Christmas tree when you press on the brakes. I took off the tail light assembly and found that a socket in the plug (for the ground pin I believe) was partly covered by plastic from the plug overheating. I cleaned it up and the problem went away... for now anyway.

20th Dec 2007, 14:10

We bought a 2002 yesterday. The only thing wrong that we could find was the gas gauge does not work. Has anyone had this repaired?

3rd Jan 2008, 08:16

I purchased my 2001 Montana new and now have 95,000 miles. All in all it has been a great vehicle. Other than routine maintenance I have had only one significant repair bill at 76,000 miles. I took it in due to check engine light on. Dealer found intake manifold gasket leak had allowed antifreeze to ruin O2 sensor. Replaced gasket with improved version, O2 sensor and both tie rod ends. also changed plugs and wires. total cost was $1800. Leather on drivers seat is ripped, but otherwise van looks like new and drives great. Only other repairs have been both rear wheel cylinders leaked, high speed blower fan inop and passenger power window switch. DIY repairs were $50 including new shoes for brakes, $35 for fan resistor/relay and $60 for window switch. I also replaced the front pads twice - the second time with new rotors and EBC greenstuff pads which greatly improved braking (which is weak on these vans). I consider these reasonable repair costs for 6 years ownership.

Two suggestions. If your intake gasket is leaking get it fixed. The leak will eventually ruin your head gasket if not fixed. Also many of the intermittent electrical problems being reported may be due to a bad battery connection. Clean the terminals and replace connection bolts. Finally, whoever designed the air filter box should be flogged. Changing the air filter element on these things is nearly impossible without taking off the fender brace and the hose connection at the MAF sensor.

20th Jan 2008, 18:08

I have purchased a used 2001 and have some of the issues that seem pretty common. Manifold gasket, AC fixed before I bought it (whew).

Now my brake lights and cruise don't work so I'm going to try some of the suggestions above. Thank you for your input, I'm no mechanic, but will try to fix it myself.

I read the above post about the knocking sound (which I have also) and have some info regarding that.

I took it to Canadian Tire and was informed that it is the transmission and I was told that it is very expensive to fix (2G's+) and even if fixed, no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again. Apparently it does not harm the transmission and basically, live with it, if you can.

I was given a technical service bulletin which states.



I drive with my fingers and toes crossed.


11th Feb 2008, 09:11

2002 montana bought in Feb of 06, 14 days later Head gasket went.

2 weeks later windshield leaked.

3 months later caliper siezed up.

Have the T/C and ABS light on all the time. (need wheel bearing)

Wipers just broke today. I can't wait to get rid of this POS.. Will never buy another GM product.

11th Mar 2008, 20:47

I also have a 2001 Montana that has 77,000 miles. My air bag light has been on for 2 years and they say it is a sensor in the driver seat, seat belt. Fixed it, but still on.

The horn honks whenever it feels like it, even when I am out of the car.

Passenger sliding door is very hard to open.

Rear hatch does not latch unless slammed very hard.

One day while driving a window went down and would not go up. It was some relay thing in the dash board.

Now my gas gauge doesn't work. I just keep track of my mileage.

Gears seem to slip when in drive.

Once it wouldn't start, found out it was some chain thing in the stirring wheel that made the van think it was in drive.

When I stopped suddenly, my daughters belt unlatched and she flew into my seat. I made the dealership replace all the seat belts.

My gripes aren't as bad as some of you have.

12th May 2008, 12:05

Purchased a 2001 Montana one week ago today... on my husband's way home from work today the front end seized up and the steering wheel would not turn... gas gage is broken... if I had found this site before we purchased we would have left it at the dealers and bought something else...

Never had a problem with a GM vehicle before... owned a 1994 Grand Prix for years before the body rotted and was not safe to drive... but this one is giving me cause for concern every time I take it out on the road!

10th Aug 2008, 02:54

Hi, I just bought a 2001, and now I am reading this. Just got it home from the dealer and sure enough my wipers are standing both up, fuel gage when I start up and put in gear it drops down, light comes up empty, after 3-4 minutes it goes back up. But I like it and hope it's just a small issue.

Oh, my A/C isn't working and we have like plus 33 temps me from Alberta Canada.

27th Sep 2008, 10:46

Just thought I'd add my two cents - Purchased my 2001 Montana 3 years ago - and I love it! Well, I love it except for the problems that started at 90,000 miles.

Here's my list which is similar to most:

Windshield wipers standing up - fixed by cleaning and lube.

Rear Wiper - motor broken - haven't fixed.

Driver side sliding door - fell off - bearing broken - will cost about $100.00 for the part.

AC Condenser - cracked - $350.

Rear Brake Cylinder -

Passenger sliding door - automatic - sometimes would open back up - unplugged the fuse and plugged back in - seems to have fixed for now.

Humming noise when turning to right - thought it was front wheel bearing - nope - after replacing both front wheel bearing and brakes we have moved on to the rear. Keep your fingers crossed I'm at my wits ends - after spending over $500.00 on the front I'm not looking forward to spending more on the rear - hopefully this will complete the issues for another 90,000 miles.

Oh - forgot to mention - we had the tail light issue also - cost $85.00 for us to replace both circuit boards and re-wire the male connector - make sure you re-wire the connector or you will be doing it all over again in a month or two.

Note - prices above are for parts only - my husband did all the repairs.

15th Oct 2008, 22:21

I have a 2001 Montana. I have had it for 7 years. It has 101,250 miles. I love my van. I have not had any problems until now. It failed the emissions test for the O2 sensor.

I often get the odor of antifreeze through the vents. The back power windows stopped working several years ago. And when my husband changed the brakes, he couldn't reset the traction. Lately the driver power window is sticking.

It has been a great vehicle. We travel to North Carolina about 3-5 times a year. I am not ready to buy a new vehicle. I love my van.