30th Jun 2007, 07:23

Hello Die Hard Montana Owners.

I purchased my Pontiac Montana new back in 2000;luckily I bought the extended warranty (100,000 miles/5 years - not cheap). What has gone wrong with my Montana? Everything! For the first 2 years it was in the shop every other month. The engine lifters, manifold gaskets (obviously), water pump, radiator, cooling lines (tranny to radiator), O2 sensor, have all been changed. Transmission has been worked several times for clunking in and out of OD. Transmission has been flushed/filter changed 5 times because the dealer could not figure out what was going on - they thought there was a blockage - whatever! Air conditioning compressor replaced. Heater blower motor shuts done whenever it feels like it! Engine knocks when cold, noise subsides once warm, but never goes away (she is going to go). Wiring harness had to be re-routed/replaced (by dealer) because they were melting. Air Bag light comes on from time to time. Radio clock light has been replace twice. And, to this day the "low Coolant" light comes on; though there are no leaks and level is good - I am going to live with this one. I have 157,000 miles on my Montana and would rate this vehicle at a 5/6 (scale 1 - 10). Anybody out there want to buy it? I'm ready for a change.


18th Jul 2007, 20:44

Hey fellow montana owners. I bought a 2001 Montana about 15 month ago and I did have no major problems at first, but that all change recently. My brake and signals only work periodiclly, head gasket leaking and I just found out today right wheel bearing gone. Unfortunately I did not read this before purchase, but I guess we learn from our mistakes. I wouldn't take one for free.

17th Sep 2007, 20:59

Hi All.

I bought my 2001 Pontiac Montana two years ago with 70000k and it has become nothing, but a money pit.

One day my gages were jerking up and down and I couldn't figure it out. I smelled a strange acid burning smell, opened my hood and found that the wires had shorted and started to melt my battery.

My rear windshield wiper burnt out and I had to have that replaced for inspection.

Whining noise in the front end ended up being wheel bearings.

My heater blower sometimes works sometimes not since I started having problems with misfiring. The misfiring was diagnosed as a coolant leak into my engine and I was told it would cause corrosion.

My internal fan only works on settings 4 and 5. My A/C stopped working, but has been OK since I had it charged.

My so-called automatic sliding passenger door is not so automatic anymore.

I am religious about oil changes and always go to the GM dealer for all service work. I thought by spending a few more dollars on a vehicle, I would spend less on repairs... I guess I was mistaken!


Saint John, NB.

1st Oct 2007, 21:39

I am very tired. Just got done dropping the gas tank and putting a new fuel pump in my 2001 Pontiac Montana. $360.00 dollars. $900.00 dollars at the dealer. OK let me take a deep breath. Ready, well, intake gasket was replaced by dealer for $890.00. Rear window wiper motor had to be replaced. It also didn't spray fluid. Got it fixed too. Driver side mirror was broke. Side doors want to slide back open when you shut them. Fuel gauge still don't work, even though fuel lever sensor has been replaced. Inner outer tie rods had to be replaced. Wheel bearings on right side had to be replaced. Left side is going out. By the way you can't just buy the wheel bearings for $10.00. They come with hub assembly and ABS around them, $200.00. I'm tired I'm going to bed Will deal with the rest tomorrow. By the way I have a whopping 113,000 miles on it. That's not a lot.

3rd Oct 2007, 20:25

So, I'm driving along Interstate 90 and my temperature gauge shoots to very hot. This just happened on Monday. My 2001 Pontiac Montana is currently in a small town shop working on the head gasket. They told me that it would cost $1200. Today, I called them and all of the sudden it's $1700. Is this legal???

13th Oct 2007, 16:50

My Lovely 1999 Montana.. After buying it with 180,000 miles on it Oct 06.. The only thing I have had to change on it is the head gaskets, which cost 1586.00. No problems since. It is the perfect size for my family.. gas mileage is about 25.6. The left turning signal just went out.. I am at a loss as to how to change the bulb.. Not just the switcherooo like it used to be on cars.. my how things have changed.. So.. we expected this to last another year.. or so.. Anyone have ideas on what model to go to next? Anyone done the research on what van could be the best bang for the buck.. Yes.. I know.. anything, but a Montana.. I had no idea there were so many problems with this vehicle.. And GM cares? not.. unreal how we just have to take it.. Proud to live in America, sure, but it seems like we have no choice, but to keep taking it.. when we didn't ask for it. I know I am going to have to be looking for a newer (newer - not new) car in the spring 08.. anyone have any suggestions.. keeping the style.. room & gas mileage.? Thanks.. great information given on this forum.

2nd Nov 2007, 17:34

2003 Montana.

For those of you with strange light problems, if you have a trailer hitch and light assembly, the light assembly may have a short causing the rest of the lights to go crazy. disconnect the light assembly and see how things work. Oh, I just received the intake gasket diagnosis, thanks for the tips.

7th Dec 2007, 07:31

I have a 2002, and I live in CB, NS Canada.

Wipers are a pain, in winter, they can be repositioned by yourself, until the cam arm wears out, then $120 to replace.

- Intake gasket; make sure they put the new replacement ones in and not old stock.

- Gas gauge problem; the wire connector goes through the floor just inside the drivers side sliding door, fills up with water and drains into the connector. WD 40 and grease fixed this problem, peel the carpet back a bit to access the connector top. The bottom is easy to get at under the van.

- Tail lights; take all the bulbs out and lubricate the connectors with dielectric grease, keeps moisture out so they don't short out.

- As for the top seams of the hood corroding, don't take it to a dealer, go to a small body shop, much cheaper to get re-sealed and painted.

- Wheel bearing and control arm bushings went, but luckily I got the ex warranty, so that paid for itself with the bearing and gasket.

- Engine light, once in a while, but a tank of supreme and injector cleaner fixes that, also make sure your gas cap is on tight. These engine computers are really sensitive to that!!!

- Back wiper; slam the back hatch down or moving the wiper arm usually re-seats the brushes on the motor for a few months.

Little maintenance tips you pick up owning one!!