1st Apr 2006, 13:30

Thank you for this informative review. I am currently looking to purchase a minivan and have found two Montanas that are looking pretty good. Your comments were very specific and direct. I appreciate that very much. I may need to look in other directions since the reason I am looking for a minivan is because of transmission problems with my current one (Chevy Lumina). Again, thanks for the heads up.

21st Apr 2006, 21:07

How curious... I started a search for an EGR valve for my 2001 Venture, which has 140k miles. I saw your comments and started reading... almost the same patterns. Can't remember the mileage, but I had to replace the front passenger wheel bearing assembly. The mechanic said that he thought it was a secondary effect of defective tie rod ends. I had to replace the first one at 39K miles. The second was about 6 mo to 1 year later, together with the bearing...

At 90k mile the manifold gasket started leaking, $700 to replace.

At 30-39k miles the transmission had to be fixed twice due to an unknown issue. Last they replace the valve body. at 135k miles transmission acquired a whining noise, $1200 to repair, found a damaged gear where a plastic washer use to be.

Love the car, comfort, fairly good mileage, but hate all the repair bills. Last American built car I buy.

On the other hand my 96 Camry with 140K miles has asked only for $1500 in nearly 10 years for seals & gasket replacements with timing belt X 2, and rack and pinion replacement. I love what you do for me Toyota!

Ed, Miami Fl.

31st May 2006, 10:21

I own a 2001 Montana which I have had since new. It has only 68000km (approx 42000 miles) on it. Just diagnosed with leaking intake gaskets and worn lower control arm bushings. It is a nice car to drive and has good gas mileage. I don't feel that either of these problems should develop with such low mileage.

2nd Jun 2006, 11:57

Searched many sites, this one is very interesting.

15th Jun 2006, 20:37

I bought a 2001 Montana about 15 months ago. I have had more problems with this vehicle than I had will my last 3 vehicles combined. From the front wheel bearings to the taillights not working correctly, when ever I would press on the break pedal all of the lights on the back would blink at different times. It reminded me of a Christmas tree (not cheap to fix cost around $1500). Now the radio lights are burnt out, at low speeds it feels like the Van wobbles, it starts when it feels like it and we have taken it to 5 mechanics and none of them can figure out the problem. I can't get rid of it soon enough.

16th Jun 2006, 09:56

Intake manifold gasket failure is very common on the GM 3.1 and 3.4 engines. I've heard that GM may fix the problem off warranty or at least do the work at a reduced cost. Anyone with the problem should take it to a dealer with a good service reputation and do some serious whining. I believe this problem falls under the secret warranty category, so some people get free work done if the complaining is done properly, long enough, and loud enough.

25th Sep 2006, 19:55

2001 Montana- Problems, Cylinder head gasket 90K warranty, Auto side doors not opening properly 10k warranty, A/C not working 40k and 90k warranty, front hub sensor (left) 80k warranty, left hub 60k warranty, left hub wiring no warranty. I like the vehicle's ride and the local service, but if these problems are any indication of the future problems I may be in trouble. Honda seems to be a better bet.

5th Nov 2006, 14:13

2000 Pontiac Montana, purchased from a GM dealership in Halifax, NS Canada in March of 2006, "GM Certified"... ha.

- a/c compressor died - $1000 (March)

- fuel pump died - $1100 (April/May)... they had the nerve to try and tell me that the filter didn't need to be changed with the pump change... ya right... it got changed.

- front brakes -$300 (after they told me nothing was wrong, and the drivers side caliper seized) (June)

- tail/brake light circuit boards - $400 (July)

- cruise control repaired - $400

- rear wiper motor died - $200 (installed it myself)

- front wipers are now parking in their fully upright position, and not parking behind the hood... should I fix them, or run while I have the chance. God I'm tired of this. I spent $7000 purchasing this van... and have spent over half that in parts and trinkets to keep this titanic afloat. Thanks Carroll... for nothing.

Stay away from Montanas people, they are a beautiful van to drive, but aren't worth the headaches.

20th Nov 2006, 18:03

Greetings. We have a 2001 Montana. So far we've had a pretty good experience with ours, HOWEVER, our windshield developed a crack 3/4's up at both the left and right sides. It's not a result of an impact. The glass guy says it's a result of water leaking under the seals and mouldings, corroding the metal and thus lifting and cracking the windshield. I've heard there may be one of these silent warranties applied in these cases. Has anyone had a problem similar to this?

Keep an eye on your coolant level.

27th Nov 2006, 06:35

Have 2001 Montana since new. It has the lower intake manifold leak they are famous for. The dealer said it would be $1200. I have not had it fixed and just add some coolant once in a while and watch the oil for contamination.

I had the Christmas Tree tail light problem and blinkers plus traction control warning light. The local Chrysler dealer that adv service for all makes and models found the right light assembly corroded inside from water and a small crack. They previously said they could diagnose the fault light and could not and attempted to charge me.

Went to Pontiac dealer, they fixed the light and advised it had caused an electrical issue triggering the traction light as a side effect. Great. Now I had them take a look at the front brakes for wear and they were found to be at about 20%, BUT oh sir "your left front wheel bearing assembly is totally worn and loose needed replacement" $$$$$.

I did NOT replace it.

It's been like 3 years since they said that. I drove down to the very reputable fabulous Belle Tire on Jackson Rd in Ann Arbor Michigan. Bought 4 new tires, told them of the wheel bearing issue, but not which one... they inspected both and found no problems. I recently had the brakes done this year and had them check again. Once again no problems with that wheel bearing assembly.

1st Dec 2006, 09:39

Hey Everyone from Canada make sure you register for the Class action suit for your Montana Vans head gasket problems... see you in the future at a Honda dealership... this will be my last GM Vehicle ever!

20th Dec 2006, 15:04

I have had my 2001 Pontiac Montana for 3 years and have also spent more money on it than my previous 4 cars altogether!! The windshield wipers just broke for the 4TH TIME!!! and somehow it always seems to be a different problem. Oh, did I mention the back ones also don't work!! The comments above have been in regards to snow and I will admit the first time it was due to snow getting down under the hood, but not the last three times! I am sure that I will not by another Pontiac Montana again!! Anyone know by chance if there are any suits or recalls on wipers!! HA HA probably not! Also, didid I mention that my A/C broke, and I had oil leak