Montana 3.4 liter 3400 SFI V6

Great car, but lacked longevity

310 words

Montana 3.4

Terrible vehicle, money pit

49 words, 3 comments


Decent vehicle, but would not purchase another without replacing the lower control arms

219 words


Piece of crap; will never buy again

99 words, 3 comments


Money Pit

114 words, 1 comment

Montana 3.8

Overall very happy with it!

38 words

Montana AWD V6

I sold my Nissan for this???

301 words, 1 comment


My dream van was a lemon

126 words

Montana AWD STD

Would buy another new one, if they still made them!

106 words

Montana Extended 3.4

Comfortable, Reliable, and Economical

78 words

Montana 3.4

There should have been a general recall on this van

99 words

Montana van

Very low - do not invest in a GM, or at least stay away from Pontiac - very poor quality vehicle

290 words

Montana awd 3.4

Avoid purchasing

270 words


Stay away and put your hard earned money into a Honda

142 words, 1 comment


Looks aren't everything, rust buckets have been found to be more reliable than the Montana

135 words

Montana standard 3.4L

An overall reliable van with some minor problems

120 words, 1 comment


136 words, 21 comments

Montana extended

Great Body - Bad Heart

52 words


The car is a lemon and you won't get much help from the dealer

93 words


Steer away from the Montana!

185 words, 3 comments

Montana Sport 3.4 SFI

90 words

Montana 3.4L V6

Cheaply built like all low priced GM vehicles, but is OK if you maintain it well

200 words, 1 comment

Montana Extended V6

Stay away

126 words, 1 comment

Montana Sports 3.4L V6

Generally a nice van, but with useless service personnel

130 words

Montana EXT-AWD 3.4L

Very good family vehicle

65 words, 2 comments

Montana Extended Van 3.4L Gas

It was a bargain, but you get what you pay for

178 words, 1 comment


Too many things going wrong

265 words, 5 comments

Montana V6

Great value in its class

34 words

Montana Ext. w/option package 1SE 3.4L

So far, so good!

124 words, 1 comment

Montana 3.4L

Worth buying one

71 words

Montana 3.4

A safe and good looking Mini Van

98 words, 1 comment